"I don't care anymore! You can go out with Hase and Haruto can date that girl. As long as you're my friend, nothing else matters"
—Airi to Oto[src]

Airi Maya (真矢 愛莉 (まや あいり) Maya Airi) was a student at Eitoku Academy and the sole girl member of the Correct 5. Her childhood friend, Haruto Kaguragi, was also the leader of the Correct 5. She initially hated Oto Edogawa, whom Haruto was in love with. They eventually became best friends, after Oto gained her trust.


Early life


Airi as a young child

Airi was born on March 14.[1] She was the only child of her older parents, who spoiled her with sweets and toys. As a result, she became selfish and gained a lot of weight. In elementary school, Airi fell over and could not get up during a field trip. Haruto Kaguragi carried her on his back to the designated location, though he was two hours late. Airi became enamored with Haruto and loss weight for him.[2]

She and Haruto ran away from home at the age of eight.[3] At the time, Airi confessed her feelings to Haruto by saying "I am going to be your bride." He did not realize what she meant until much later.[4] They later became friends with Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, and Sugimaru Eibi, after meeting at one of their parents' dinner parties.[5]

High school

Airi joined the Correct 5 for Haruto[6] and they began attending Eitoku Senior High. The Correct 5 frequently conducted "peasant hunts", meaning they would force the poor students to withdrawal from school. Airi felt that just making them quit was "boring" compared to the F4's red card.[7]

Meeting Oto


Airi sees Oto outside Haruto's house

"When are we going to force her to leave? We have to make these commoners quit right away. Or else we'll set a bad example for the others. We, the Correct 5, have to keep the order here at Eitoku. There should be no exceptions."
—Airi to Kaito, after revealing Oto's secret[src]

The Correct 5 first saw Oto Edogawa when she accidentally ran in front of their car.[7] Later, Haruto consulted his friends about Oto blackmailing him, though he did not reveal her name. Airi was against Issa's advice for Haruto to make the girl his girlfriend.[8] She later went to Haruto's house and saw him and Oto talking at the gate.[9] Airi recognized Oto, but could not remember where she saw her. She asked Kaito for help in finding Oto. That Saturday, Airi went shopping to let out some anger. She briefly glanced at the window and saw Oto with a guy. Airi then exclaimed, "that's the girl!"[6] After learning Oto's identity, Airi quickly learned about her fiance, Tenma Hase. She then informed Kaito about it since he was taking "forever".[10]

At school, she distributed fliers calling Oto a "peasant." Airi confronted Oto and revealed that she saw her with Haruto the other night. Oto asked her about the fliers. Airi lied, saying that Haruto asked her to do it. When Haruto arrived, Airi told him that she did it for Eitoku's sake as well as his own.[2] Airi attempted to defend herself, after he became angry. He eventually yelled to get her attention, and told her he was "going to beat [her] up" if she continued talking.[11] The following day, Haruto decided to expel Oto, but hesitated at the last second. Airi ran downstairs to do it herself. She and Haruto arrived in time to see Tenma rescue Oto from bullies. Airi told them to get out, but a second later the principal announced that Oto's donation had been paid.[12] Later, Airi protested the donation to no avail.[13]

Mental breakdown


Airi locks Oto in the basement

Airi: "Yes! That's it! Get mad and yell out my name like that! I'd rather die than be ignored."
Haruto: "Airi. You disgust me. You make me want to throw up. Get lost. Don't ever show your face to me again."
Haruto ends his friendship with Airi[src]

Airi expected Haruto to be angry, but he actually forgave her quite easily. This unsettled Airi, who destroyed her bedroom out of frustration.[14] A few days later, Airi approached Tenma and told him that Oto was "in danger". She then directed him to a retail store owned by her father and locked him in the basement. A few hours later, she found Oto and Haruto at a restaurant. Airi apologized to Oto for trying to force her out of Eitoku. When Haruto asked her if she was serious, Airi replied "yes". Oto accepted her apology, conceding that she should not "have lied either". Airi then asked to be friends, but gave Oto some more time to think it over.[3][15]

She brought Oto and Haruto to the store and presented Oto with an expensive dress. Airi decided to go to a cafe, but had Haruto go ahead of them. She brought Oto down to the basement for another "present". When Oto walks into the room, Airi locked the door and told her to go to the back for her "real present", referring to Tenma. Airi met Haruto at the cafe and told him that Oto "went off somewhere". She watched Tenma and Oto on the security cameras and showed Haruto. He became angry and demanded to know where they were. Airi was happy to see him show emotion toward her, saying "I'd rather die than be ignored". Her words disturbed Haruto, who told her to never "show [her] face to [him] again."[3][15]

Airi went missing shortly after the incident. Her parents' filed a missing-person report and searched for two days with no leads. Kaito was active in the search, consulting both Haruto and Oto for help. Oto found Airi at an abandoned factory that she had previously visited with Haruto when they were children. Nearly passed out, Airi told Oto to leave, though she refused and embraced Airi. Before fainting, Airi told her to "[not] hurt Haruto's feelings." Haruto arrived a few seconds later, having remembered what Airi said to him years before. As he carried her to the ambulance, Haruto apologized "for not realizing" her feelings "for all these years".[4]

Friends with Oto


Airi and Oto at the hotel's hot springs

"They're not dating right now. But it's just a matter of time. Then what did I back off for...? Why are you dating Tenma? This isn't how it was supposed to be. I get it though. He's totally perfect. A hundred out of a hundred people would pick Hase. Haruto doesn't even compare. But...Haruto isn't a bad guy."
—Airi is sad when Oto begins dating Tenma[src]

A few days later, Airi unexpectedly went to Oto's home "to hang out". She immediately made herself comfortable, despite Oto being sick. Airi confided in Oto that she had her father put the abandoned factory up for sale. She also asked if "there's still hope for Haruto", meaning she wanted Oto to be with him. Oto did not give a clear answer. Airi then had Oto get dressed and brought her to a resort, where Issa was going to hold a flower arranging demonstration.[16] Airi changed her clothes at the resort, and later found Oto and Haruto on the beach. After watching Issa's performance, she and Oto soaked in the resort's hot springs.[17] Airi offered for Oto to stay the night, which she declined so Airi had Haruto take Oto home.[18]

The Correct 5 was later surprised when the model Megumi "Megurin" Nishidome showed up at Eitoku. They were also shocked that she had met Haruto in the resort's bath, though he said "it was an accident." Airi became particularly mad and had to be held back by Kaito. Angry, Airi told Oto that "[she] thought he was in love with [Oto]." Oto replied that Airi was "mistaken" and that "it does [not] matter."[19] Several days later, Megumi transferred to Eitoku, which frustrated Airi. Haruto refused to do anything about it and told Airi that Oto was dating Tenma.[20] Airi later expressed her disappointment to Oto about her not ending up with Haruto. Nonetheless, she took the news well.[21]

Following the rise of "Eitoku hunting", the Correct 5 paired with Megumi to present a united front. Airi was less than enthusiastic about the idea. The next day, the Correct 5 arrived at Eitoku to find the school's gates vandalized.[22] Oto appeared with a mop and bucket, encouraging the others to hurry up and clean the graffiti. Airi and the others joined Oto's effort. Later, Airi praised Oto's actions and asked to hang out after school. They agreed to meet at a cafe, though Oto had to work that day.[23] Oto did not show up, after Airi waited for an hour and a half. She frantically called Haruto for help. He just told her to check Oto's workplace. Airi spoke to Oto's coworker, who had not seen her either.[24] Oto contacted Airi later to let her know that she was alright.[25]

Haruto vs. Tenma


Airi watches Haruto lose in the first round

"Say, Oto. If you cheer on Haruto, he'll do much better. Just don't support, Hase. Okay?"
—Airi asks Oto to support Haruto[src]

Later at school, Airi jumped into Oto's arms. She told Oto about Megumi's absences from school, before Kaito arrived and announced that Haruto and Megumi were "over".[26] A couple days later, Haruto informed Airi and the others that he knew who was targeting Eitoku students.[27] Haruto had not been to school for a few days, when Oto asked Airi about him. Oto was worried as it seemed that things between him and Tenma "might have gotten out of hand." Kaito and Issa then walked up and informed the girls that Haruto was with Sugimaru, though they did not know why.[28] Several days later, it was announced that Haruto and Tenma were going to compete against each other at the "Manly Man Festival". Airi urged Kaito and Issa to "believe in Haruto", though they were already assuming the worse.[29]

On the day of the festival, Airi boarded a train with Oto to Kyoto. Airi asked her to "cheer on Haruto", and added "just do [not] support Hase".[30] In the first round, Airi yelled at Haruto to "take that sucker down!" She had tears in her eyes, when he lost to Tenma within a few minutes.[31] Before the second round, Airi informed Haruto that she would call a private jet so he could make speedy getaway afterwards. She cheered loudly for him as he unexpectedly beat Tenma. In the end, he won the whole contest when Tenma failed to show up for the final round.[32] Later, Airi commented to Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru that "Haruto's spirit has leveled up."[33]

Changes at Eitoku

Airi: "I see...You're always holding back, Oto. But, you know, I like that about you."
Oto: "I like you too. I'm glad we met."
— Airi comforts Oto[src]

Oto remained in Kyoto, while Airi spent Christmas with her family in Italy. Before leaving, she called Oto and told her that Haruto "seemed at peace" now. She also apologized for asking Oto to her to cheer for Haruto. On New Years' Eve, Airi spent the holiday with the Correct 5. Kaito made an announcement that the situation with Momonozono needed to change. Airi reluctantly agreed. Tenma then entered the room and Haruto agreed to form a partnership.[34] Later, Eitoku and Momonozono began holding joint classes, which still annoyed Airi months later. That summer, Oto finally returned to Eitoku. Airi was overjoyed to see her friend again. She asked Oto if she was going to the summer school, which she declined. Seeing Haruto pass by, Airi asked him to persuade her. His response was "So what? If she does [not] want to come then do [not] make her."[35]

Airi was temporarily shocked by Haruto's rude response. She considered confronting him, but Oto begged her not to. Airi spent the days cheering up her friend. At a cafe, Oto revealed that she and Tenma had broken up. Airi offered some words of comfort, before inviting her to her house, where she showed her childhood photos of the Correct 5. At some point, Oto began crying, causing Airi to shout "Haruto, you jerk!"[5] Before the summer school began, Airi sent some beach supplies to Oto. She agreed to go, when Airi stressed the importance of their last summer of high school. She was unable to find Oto, until they got to the resort. They agreed to meet later since Oto was going on an add-on tour.[36]

Physical appearance

Airi was a pretty, sixteen-year-old girl. She had wavy, brown hair, which she always styled in pig tails. Airi had a small stature, being only 152 centimeters tall, compared to Oto's 163 centimeters. As a child, she was overweight from indulging in sweets. She lost the weight and maintained small weight by taking only nutritional supplements. After becoming friends with Oto, Airi often ate at her home, claiming that "commoners' cuisine is just perfect for a diet!"

Her wardrobe consisted of expensive, name brand clothes, including fancy dresses and coats. At school, she wore her special Correct 5 uniform.

Personality and traits

"I lost weight for Haruto. I joined the Correct 5 because Haruto was there. Since that day, everything I did was for Haruto's sake. I won't forgive anyone, who gets in my way."
—Airi's previous obsessive devotion to Haruto[src]

As a child, Airi was spoiled by her parents, which made her a selfish person who regarded herself as a "princess". She disliked most people, only caring about Haruto. Her devotion to Haruto clouded her judgment. She feared being ignored by Haruto, so when he ended their friendship, she became extremely depressed. After being embraced by Oto, they became close friends and Airi gradually fell out of love with Haruto. She then supported Haruto's feelings for Oto.


The character in Airi's given name means "love".[37] It is frequently used in female give names, for example "Ai" and "Aiko".[38] The character can also be used to say "I love you" (愛してる () ), which is rarely used since people favor using 好きです ("I like you") instead.[39] can refer to white jasmine or an Asian pear.[40] The two characters of her last name, 真矢, mean "pure, true" and "arrow". Both use the kun'yomi pronunciation.[41][42] Airi's full name is rendered as まや あいり in Hiragana.

Behind the scenes

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