"No? What kanji does her name use?"
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Tsukushi: "Your big sister?"
Akira: "That's my mother."
Tsukushi meets Akira's mother[src]

Mimasaka (美作 (みまさか) Mimasaka) was the mother of Akira, and twins, Emu and Memu. Her youthful appearance often lead others to think she was Akira's sister.[1]


Early life

Mimasaka had her son, Akira with her husband at the age of twenty.[1] Several years later, she gave birth to twins, Emu and Memu.

Physical appearance

Akira's mother was often confused to be his stepmother or older sister thanks to her youthful appearance at age thirty-eight. She had long, wavy hair that she put half-up. Her clothes could be described billowy with a lot frills and lace.

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes


Tomomi Nishimura as Akira's mother