"I hate rain. It's my mortal enemy. My name "Haruto" uses the kanji character for "sunny weather." So it makes sense that I'm not my best on rainy days."
—Haruto Kaguragi[src]

Haruto Kaguragi (神楽木 晴 (かぐらぎ ハルト) Kaguragi Haruto) was the leader of Correct 5 and the heir to Kaguragi Enterprises. His hero was the F4's leader, Tsukasa Domyoji. Haruto attended Eitoku Senior High with his friends, Kaito Taira, Sugimaru Eibi, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya. In high school, he met Oto Edogawa, whom he eventually fell in love with.


Early life


Haruto as a child

"Actually, her being there really saved me. My old man was really harsh with me at the time and I was too embarrassed to confide in the others."
—Haruto about Amei[src]

Haruto was born on August 5[2] into the rich Kaguragi family as the heir to Kaguragi Enterprises.[7] His father and mother were constantly busy with work throughout his life.[8] As such, the family's butler Kobayashi was put in charge of Haruto. He was constantly bombarded by his father with "tests", regarding whether he was worthy or not to be the Kaguragi heir. Haruto was once left for two days in the mountains, where he nearly starved.[9] He continued trying to gain his father's approval. However, Haruto gave up when he got the top grade of his year and his father "asked if that's all it took to satisfy [him]."[10]

He began attending Eitoku Academy as a young child and first met Airi Maya in kindergarten. In the third grade, he became friends with her after gaining Airi's respect during a field trip.[11] He and Airi later ran away from home to an abandoned factory.[12] She confessed her feelings for him there, though he did not realize it at the time. Haruto later became friends with Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, Sugimaru Eibi in elementary school.[13][14] During this time, Haruto met Amei Hanawa who supported him during the tough times he was having with his father. She was his first crush. In fourth grade, Amei moved away to recover from an illness but promised to return someday. She later stopped replying to his messages.[15][16]

Middle school


Haruto promises Tsukasa to take care of Eitoku

"You're a student at our school, huh. Are you just gonna take it without putting up a fight? How pathetic."
Tsukasa's words that changed Haruto[src]

In middle school, Haruto was regularly bullied by older students, who would take away his allowance each month. One day, Tsukasa Domyoji, the infamous leader of the F4, saved Haruto from them by beating them up. Tsukasa called him "pathetic" for taking the bullying "without putting up a fight". This sparked an ambition in Haruto to become strong like Tsukasa. He began training day-and-night from that day on. Two years later, before Tsukasa left for America, Haruto reminded him about the incident and promised to take care of Eitoku for him. Tsukasa replied "right, I leave it in your hands."[7]

High School

After forming the Correct 5, he started attending Eitoku Senior High with the other members, Kaito, Issa, Sugimaru, and Airi. Haruto created the Correct 5 in order to combat Eitoku's failing reputation. The Correct 5 would hold "peasant hunts", meaning they forced the poor students to withdraw from the school.[7]

Meeting Oto


Haruto surprises himself by saving Oto

"He and that Tsukushi Makino... Why would he go and choose such a common woman? I cannot accept it. There's no way I care the least bit about that girl! That girl hit my face with a piece of meat! Making her quit the academy is not enough! I'm going to making her suffer for that!"
—Haruto refuses to believe he could have feelings for Oto[src]

Haruto first met Oto Edogawa, when she accidentally ran in front of his car. Later that day, Haruto's butler Kobayashi injured his back, before retrieving Haruto's mail-order items. Haruto decided to go to the convenience store by himself to pick-up the items. Oto instantly recognized Haruto. He worried that Oto would reveal his mail-order item obsession. In the morning, Haruto told Oto to "get out". They then noticed a female student being bothered by two guys. Oto called him "pathetic" for not helping her. The word reminded Haruto of his vow to Tsukasa about protecting Eitoku. Haruto finally stepped in and punched one of the guys as the other students cheered. However, he could not enjoy the moment for long, since Oto threatened to tell his secret, if he kicked her out of school.[7]

The next day, Haruto was happy about the attention he was receiving, but was still worried about Oto. He consulted the Correct 5 about what to do. Issa suggested for him to make Oto his girlfriend. Haruto went with his plan and asked Oto to a barbecue at his home. The party did not go as he planned and ended with Oto slapping him with a "hunk of beef".[17] Before leaving, Oto called him "the worst", deeply angering Haruto. He spied on her at work, where he saw her co-worker follow her home. Haruto saved her by kicking him in the back.[18] Flustered by his own actions, Haruto admitted to following her. She called him "creepy", which caused him to become depressed. Later that night, a maid informed that someone was waiting for him at the gate. It was Oto, who thanked him for saving her.[19]

Haruto forced Oto's co-worker to quit, after the incident. At school, Haruto told Oto about it and coaxed her into thanking him. He then asked her out to eat pancakes, having overheard her conversation with her friends.[20] They met up the following Sunday. He had bought the pancake shop earlier, so they would not have to wait in line. Haruto asked her about her reasons for staying at Eitoku and assumed it was because of the F4. He took her on a "pilgrimage" to the F4's houses. At Tsukasa Domyoji's home, they were invited inside by Tama. Oto took that moment to explain that her real reason for staying at Eitoku was her fiancé.[21]

Oto's secret revealed


Haruto wearing a Momonozono uniform

Haruto: "I know this is really rude of me to ask, but I'm going through a lot of upheaval right now. It feels like I'm powerless. In this situation, what would Mr. Domyoji do?"
Rui: "Who knows? He's a wild one. When everything's a mess, he only has eyes for what's most important."
Rui's advice to Haruto[src]

After learning that Oto was engaged, Haruto was unable to stop himself from calling her "pathetic". He soon began feeling a strange "pain in [his] chest". He visited Sugimaru, who told him about Momonozono's Tenma Hase. At home, Kaito told him that Tenma was Oto's fiance. Haruto fell ill for three days, which Kaito speculated was because he was in love with Oto.[22] He denied it. Sugimaru enlisted Haruto's help in infiltrating Momonozono. They were recognized by the other students, who began surrounding them. Tenma stepped in and called them his "guests". Haruto became irritated by Tenma and left soon after. Depressed, Haruto's legs carried him to the convenience store. Seeing Oto, Haruto asked "won't it do?", before rephrasing it to "won't I do?"[23]

They were interrupted by Oto's coworker, Arisa Konno. Haruto fell over and began complaining of a stomachache. He refused to go home, leading Konno to invite him and Oto to her apartment. Konno left them alone while she went to get drinks. Oto asked Haruto about his question and assumed that he was "comparing [him]self to [Tsukasa]". It was actually Tenma, but he did not correct her. On their way home, he tried to apologize for being rude earlier, but she brushed it off with a smile. Haruto then told her "don't say that your life has absolutely nothing to do with me", referring to something she told him previously.[24] The next day, Haruto ran into Oto at the school gate. She told him to "stay away", just before he spotted a flier on the ground.[11]

Airi revealed to Haruto that she posted the fliers outing Oto as a "peasant". Haruto was extremely angry and told her if she continued talking that he would "beat [her] up." Later that day, Kaito confronted about doing a "peasant hunt" on Oto.[25] Haruto agreed, telling himself that "there are no exceptions." However, when the time came, he found that he could not bring himself to do it. Calling him a "wuss", Airi ran downstairs to do it herself. Haruto chased her and they saw Oto lying on the ground. A second later, Tenma, who had just paid her donation, saved her from the other students. Tenma declared to Haruto that he would "crush" him if he ever hurt Oto again.[26]

Following the incident, Haruto felt immensely guilty for his role in Oto getting beaten. He thought "if [he] had sprung into action sooner", Oto would not have gotten hurt. His thoughts were suspended when two students walked by. Looking for a quiet place, Haruto ended up at the high school's emergency stairwell. Haruto was surprised to see the F4's Rui Hanazawa. He accidentally dropped his "calming amethyst", which Rui found interesting. As Rui was leaving, Haruto asked him "what would Mr. Domyoji do" in Haruto's place. Rui replied that Tsukasa "only has eyes for what's most important." In this moment, Haruto had an epiphany and realized that he was in love with Oto. He raced to the hospital to see her.[27]

Airi's breakdown


Haruto carrying Airi

Airi: "You remembered?"
Haruto: "This was our secret fort, right? Sorry, Airi. Sorry. For not realizing it...For not responding...I'm sorry for all these years."
— Haruto apologizes to Airi[src]

At the hospital, Haruto accidentally touched Oto's breast. Oto knocked him out with a punch. After waking up, Haruto apologized for her getting hurt and placed all the blame squarely on his shoulders. The two made up and became friends again. The next day, Haruto forgave Airi for exposing Oto.[28] He later went to the convenience store to see Oto. Konno invited them to hang out with her and her boyfriend, Mi-tan. Haruto was nicknamed "Haruchin" (ハルチン () ) by Mi-tan. At the batting cages, Haruto got a home run and won a prize. Afterwards, they went to a monja restaurant, where they were suddenly accosted by Airi.[1]

Airi apologized to Oto for trying to force her out of Eitoku. Haruto was skeptical about her sincerity, but Oto forgave her anyway. She brought Oto and Haruto to a retail store. While the employees were dressing Oto, Airi brought up the time she and Haruto ran away. Oto came out of the dressing room, just as Airi asked if he remembered what she said at the time. Haruto was then sent to a cafe to wait for the girls.[12] Airi met him by herself, saying Oto "went off somewhere". A few seconds later, Airi showed Haruto a surveillance video of Oto and Tenma. Haruto demanded to know where they were. Airi did not reveal anything, so Haruto left to find Oto and Tenma. Some time later, Haruto was able to find the two of them in the basement of the store.[29]

Two days later, Airi had been missing and her parents filed a missing-person report. Haruto, however, was unconcerned and told Kaito, "I don't care what happens to that girl." Frustrated, Kaito left Haruto and Oto alone to think over their last interaction with Airi. Haruto mentioned Airi talking about the abandoned factory, which Oto thought was probably where she was. He rejected the idea and the two dissolved into an argument. After Oto left, Haruto went over the memory in his head again. In that moment, he remembered what Airi told him and finally realized her feelings for him. He made his way to the factory, where Oto was watching over Airi. He apologized "for not responding" sooner and carried her to the factory's entrance.[13]

Enter Megumi


Haruto meets Megumi in the hotel's bath by accident

"Mr. Domyoji, I heard that you dated a commoner girl. And that you even proposed to her. I could never fathom why you did that, but did things go smoothly for you with her?"
—Haruto to his Tsukasa portrait[src]

A few days later, the Correct 5 went to a resort, where Issa was holding a flower arranging demonstration. Haruto just happened to be thinking of Oto, when they ran into each other on the beach. After the demonstration, Haruto went into the resort's hot springs and accidentally saw a naked girl.[30] Flustered, Haruto immediately fled the scene. He took Oto home that night, but did not mention the incident. The next day, the girl, a model named Megumi Nishidome, visited Eitoku to return Haruto's wallet. Haruto made several attempts to get her to leave. Oto saw the two of them talking. He tried to explain the situation to her, though she told him that "it has nothing to with me".[31]

Oto's reaction shattered Haruto and caused to go into a depression. Megumi, who had followed him, encouraged him to go after Oto. Haruto refused since he was worried that Oto may say something worse. Megumi was touched by his words and offered to help him practice his confession. He gathered his courage to say "I like you". Embarrassed, Haruto left, concluding that he could not say that to Oto.[32] The next day, Megumi visited Haruto at his home. He told her to leave until Kobayashi expressed his dissent. Megumi then prepared him and Kobayashi dinner, which caused the butler to pass out. After one bite, Haruto declared that he had "[came] to a decision". He raced off to Oto's work, followed closely by Megumi. Once there, Haruto overheard Oto's conversation with Tenma about them dating.[33]

After seeing Oto and Tenma together, Haruto ran home to throw away his various mail-order items. Haruto called himself a fool and felt like he could not win against Tenma. He was absent for two days, before returning to school. Megumi greeted him, informing him that she had transferred to Eitoku. Haruto ignored her and later decided to go home. He accidentally bumped into a guy on the street. Haruto insulted the guys, leading them to beat him up. Megumi, who had been following him, yelled for a police officer. She asked to "stop hurting [him]self", which touched Haruto.[34] Afterwards, Megumi and Haruto became friends and spent more time together. Megumi later dragged him to an amusement park, where they ran into Oto and Tenma on a date.[35]

Attempts to give up Oto


Megumi hugs Haruto after he falls from the Ferris wheel

"Yes. This is the only way. Even if I see her, I have to pretend I didn't. I just have to wait for time to heal all wounds"
—Haruto tries to give up on pursuing Oto[src]

Megumi suggested for the four of them to go around the amusement park together. Haruto challenged Tenma on several rides, all of which failed. Tenma, realizing Haruto's motive, asked him if he was "in love with Oto" and declared that he "[would not] give her up." Disheartened, Haruto accidentally got into Oto's carriage on a Ferris wheel.[36] He nearly admitted his feelings to Oto at one point during the ride. A child dangling out of the carriage below. Haruto carefully climbed down to save the child, before falling onto a mattress on the ground. Megumi, who had been watching the whole time, threw her arms around Haruto's neck.[37]

Following his near death experience, Megumi confessed her feelings to Haruto, promising to "cherish" him. That night, Oto visited Haruto's house to ask him about his feelings towards her. He finally admitted that he liked her. Oto thanked him for his honesty.[6] However, since she was dating Tenma, Oto requested that he stop pursuing her. Haruto asked whether she felt "anything after hearing [his] confession", earning him a sharp remark. Kobayashi tried to cheer him up with a puzzle, which formed a photo of Megumi with her phone number.[8] Later, Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru informed Haruto to about "Eitoku hunting". Hearing this, Haruto decided to refocus his efforts on protecting Eitoku. Kaito advised Haruto to use Megumi to "level up his presence" in the meantime.[38]

One day, Eitoku's gates were vandalized by unknown assailants. Oto spurred the students into cleaning up the graffiti. Kaito told Haruto that they would have to do something about this "unforgivable" act.[39] That night, Airi called Haruto after Oto had failed to meet up with her. Haruto offered little help, only suggesting that she visit Oto's work. Her being missing did bother Haruto, who had to remind himself to forget about her.[40] Later the same night, Haruto went to Oto's work. Seeing spray paint on her face, he deduced that she had been attacked. He quickly became rude at the mention of Tenma taking her to the hospital. In response, Oto informed him that she may be transferring to Momonozono soon.[41]

Pursuing Oto again


Haruto hugs Oto after learning that she is staying at Eitoku

"There's only one choice you can make. Whether she's right or wrong, you gotta believe whatever the girl you like says. If you care about her feelings, you should know that!"
—Haruto questions why Tenma does not believe her about Konoe[src]

Haruto told Oto to "hurry up" when she told him about transferring to Momonozono. Once outside, Haruto started ruining and cursing Tenma for taking her away from Eitoku. At home, Haruto was in the bath when Megumi barged in naked. Haruto covered his eyes, which hurt her feelings. She then held his hand, saying "all of this is yours".[42] Haruto began to think about whether "it [was] okay to give up [on Oto]." Megumi promised to wait for him in his room. In his room, Megumi mentioned that he must be experienced with these kind of situations. Bothered by the comment, Haruto pushed her hand away and began talking about how "everything's a lie". He then said "I only want what [is] real now, to which Megumi reminded him that Oto rejected him. Haruto clearly stated "it [is] only over when I decide to end it." Megumi started to cry and called him a "fool."[43]

Some days later, Haruto saw Oto slumped over by the side of a building.[44] Haruto offered to take her home, seeing that she was crying. He then asked if she had a fight with Tenma, which made her cry more. Haruto admitted that he was "jealous" that Tenma could make her cry so much. Oto tried to walk away, but collapsed and clutched her stomach. Haruto rushed her to the hospital. After being treated, Oto began walking home and Haruto accompanied her, though she insisted that he did not have to. Near her home, Tenma and his vice president Hitoshi Konoe happened upon them. Tenma mentioned Oto accusing of Konoe of being behind the Eitoku attacks earlier. Realizing why Oto was crying, Haruto questioned why Tenma did not believe her "whether she [was] right or wrong."[45]

Before Haruto and Tenma could start fighting, Oto yelled at them to all go home. Haruto stayed and walked with her to the park, where she washed her face. Oto then told him about seeing Konoe give money to the guys who attacked her. Before leaving, Haruto asked her if she was going to be okay at Momonozono with Konoe. Oto informed that she was not transferring, which made Haruto deliriously happy. He hugged her from behind, at which point Tenma walked in.[46] Oto broke Haruto's hold and told Tenma that he was "just joking." Haruto contradicted her and said that he "could [not] hold back [his] feelings anymore." Despite being angry, Tenma simply left with Oto. The following day, Oto warned Haruto to avoid fighting with Tenma, who was an experienced martial artist. When Tenma confronted him that night, Haruto replied saying "bring it on."[47]

Haruto vs. Tenma


Haruto during the second round of the contest

"That's some personality you've got. I suspected that you were too good to be true. And now I finally see the dark side you've been hiding."
—Haruto after Tenma challenges him[src]

Haruto readily agreed to competing against Tenma in the "Manly Man Festival". Tenma stipulated that if he won, Haruto would have to give up on Oto. The next day, Haruto went to Sugimaru to ask for advice. Sugimaru pointed out that the fight looked like "a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono." Haruto refused to back out, so Sugimaru brought him to train at his family's dojo in Kyoto, where the festival was to be held in two weeks.[48] He began practicing archery with an instructor. One day, Sojiro Nishikado, of the F4, happened by the range. Haruto explained his situation to Sojiro, telling him that his admiration of Tsukasa was one of the reasons he needed to win. After mentioning Oto, Sojiro offered to help him train, saying "I [am] not against it, if it [is] for a girl."[49]

His archery skills improved immensely under Sojiro's care, though he still a long way to go in order to hit the target "consistently." At some point, Haruto brought up Eitoku's fall from grace and his promise to Tsukasa. Sojiro wished him "good luck" with his efforts. On the day of the festival, Haruto was surprised by a huge crowd of Eitoku and Momonozono students. Seeing Konoe's smug face, he immediately knew who had leaked the news. He promised to "kick [Konoe's] butt" after the contest.[50] Haruto went into the first portion with confidence, having prepared a strategy with Sugimaru. However, he became shaken by Tenma's "aura", causing him to falter. Unable to implement his strategy, Haruto was quickly taken down by Tenma.[51]

Before the second round, Haruto became frustrated by his friends' lack of faith in him. Tenma's mood had completely change since the first portion. He missed all three of his tries, while Haruto had managed to hit two targets. Afterwards, Haruto was confronting him, when Konoe showed up. Tenma punched Konoe, now knowing the truth about him. Haruto won the whole competition, after Tenma did not show up for the last event.[52] He was a bit depressed about winning "by default" and talked it over with Sojiro, who said "a win [is] a win." Haruto then went to meet Oto at her hotel. He asked her to break up with Tenma and "be with [him]". Haruto asked her to meet him at Shijo Ohashi Bridge later.[53] She replied "I [am] not going", to which he promised to wait for her nonetheless.[54]

Changes for Haruto


Oto and Airi are shocked by Haruto's coldness

Haruto: "It doesn't matter anymore. The thing I regret now is that I wasted the winter of my precious junior year focused on that festival. That's all. But, because of that, Eitoku was able to bounce back. It was fun going one-on-one with you."
Tenma: "You've changed."
— Tenma is surprised by Haruto's new attitude[src]

After waiting for four hours, Haruto was still confident that Oto would arrive, even telling two strangers as much. He also planned to call Oto by her first name for the first time. Later that night, it began raining in heavily, though he continued waiting.[55] By morning, Haruto believed that he had been rejected, or in his words "completely dissed." Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru arrived to take him home. Haruto began crying and told them "rain does [not] bring out the best in me."[56] A few days later, Kaito reported to Haruto about Tenma's injury. It happened the same day that Haruto was waiting for Oto, who was with Tenma at the time. Haruto did not view this as hope, saying "She did [not] say anything or come to me. That [is] her answer."[57]

Haruto spent Christmas on his yacht with Kaito. Later, the Correct 5 celebrated New Years' Eve with a party. Kaito then made an announcement about "join[ing] forces" with Momonozono. Haruto refused to answer since he felt that Tenma owed him an apology. Kaito then invited Tenma in the room. He apologized to Haruto, who agreed to form the partnership.[58] Eitoku's popularity grew over the next six months, while Haruto developed a more nonchalant temperament. Tenma later visited Haruto at his home. He explained what happened between him and Oto in Kyoto, including their breakup. Haruto replied "It does [not] matter anymore." This surprised Tenma, but Haruto insisted that it was "all in the past". The next day, Airi asked Haruto to "persuade" Oto to go on the joint summer trip between the two schools. He looked at Oto with indifference and said "So what?"[59]

Later, Haruto went on the summer trip with the others. After arriving at the resort, he noticed that he had several missed calls from Kobayashi but ignored them. Haruto then decided to join a random tour group, instead of going on Megumi's yacht with his friends. He was annoyed to find that Oto was in the same snorkeling tour. The two of them were stranded in the ocean, when the boat left them by accident.[60] Haruto called Oto a "curse" and refused to speak for four hours. She eventually started to pass out, so he offered to hold her. She refused, saying "Why should you care?!" He told that he did not want her to die and started holding her anyway.[61] Just before she fell unconscious, Oto apologized for not meeting him that day on the bridge. The two were then rescued by Airi and Tenma. Haruto opted to return home that night. Oto thanked him and promised him a favor.[62]

Disowned by his father


Haruto teases Oto by asking for a "birthday kiss"

"There was a time when all I could think of was you. When I waited all day for you on that bridge and then you didn't come that was the first time I ever felt despair. I couldn't get out of bed for days after that. I was so pissed off at you. I was numb to everything around me. Even though you knew I was waiting, I didn't hear from you at all."
—Haruto to Oto[src]

Back in Tokyo, Haruto was barred from entering his home by Kobayashi. He was shown a video of his father reporting that Haruto had "failed the test." His father revealed that he planned to adopt a new heir, Kei Windsor, who then introduced himself. Without his phone or wallet, Haruto was forced to sleep at the train station that night. The following day, he waited for Oto at her job. He called in that favor and asked to stay at her place.[63] She then brought him to her apartment, where they learned her mother was on a trip. After settling down to bed, Haruto admitted to Oto that he had wanted to "block out the part of [him] that like [her], which was why he had been acting coldly. Oto then told him that she had sent him a note that day on the bridge. Hearing this, Haruto almost "[took] her in [his] arms" but stopped himself.[9]

The next day was Haruto's eighteenth birthday, though he did not realize it until dinnertime. Having nothing to give him, Oto offered to do "anything." Haruto teased her by asking for a kiss with a serious look on his face. She became irritated with him when he said he was "just kidding." Oto attempted to hit him with and lost her balance, falling on top of Haruto. They quickly extricated themselves when Airi entered the apartment seconds later.[3] Haruto decided to leave with Airi and stay at her house. She insisted that he sleep in her bed. Airi confessed to Haruto that she had been feeling jealous of Oto. He guessed that she liked Tenma, which he said was "never going to happen." Seeing that she was upset, Haruto comforted her until she fell asleep.[64]

Kobayashi came to Airi's house to see Haruto the following day. He informed that he had resigned his position and was going to return to his hometown. Haruto told Kobayashi to wait for him and left to confront Kei. He later found him walking around town with Oto.[65] Seeing them together, Haruto was instantly irritated and began jumping to conclusions. Kei eventually told him that he was helping out at Oto's job and asked Haruto what he wanted. He asked Kei to allow Kobayashi to continue working and then turned to leave. Oto stopped him, trying to explain the situation. Her words angered him and he flung harsh words at her, such as "You're always trying to please everyone!" Kei then defended her so Haruto said "Two shifty people like you make a good match."[66]

Dealing with Kei


Haruto confronts Kei

Haruto: "I can't! How can I face her, after telling her that two shifty people like them made a good match?"
Kaito: "That's what's holding you back? She's being deceived!"
Haruto: "Maybe she's with him by choice!"
— Haruto suspects Oto is with Kei[src]

Back at Airi's, Haruto told Kobayashi to return to the mansion but he refused. Haruto then snapped, saying "Stop sniveling and go back!" He immediately regretted his words and apologized.[67] Later, Kaito came back to Tokyo and visited Airi's house where he found Haruto. Kobayashi then rushed in with documents he found in Kei's case. The papers were information relating to the Kaguragis and Oto.[68] After relating the whole story to Kaito, he advised Haruto to go explain himself to Oto. Haruto refused and said "Maybe she's with [Kei] by choice!" Airi then came home and informed them that Oto was going to America with a friend, which she had learned from her mother. Haruto realized that she was talking about Kei. He promptly rushed over to the airport, where he found Kei forcefully holding Oto's arm. He ordered him to "Let go of her."[69]

Haruto then revealed that Kei had been researching them. Kei tried once more to convince Oto to come with him, but Haruto stood in front of her, saying "Don't drag her into this!" The two were shortly approached by Sojiro and Akira Mimasaka, who offered them a ride home.[70] In the car, Sojiro invited them to Akira's house, where they locked them in the guesthouse. A few minutes later, Haruto said "If you wanted to go, I should've let you" and then insinuated that she had feelings for Kei. Oto told him "I wanted to see you."[71] Realizing the implication of her statement, he grappled with his memories for several minutes, before deciding to take a chance. Haruto then embraced her, declaring "I'll get beaten down as many times as it takes." He told her that he wanted to "spend more time with [her]" after dealing with his family situation.[72]

Summer festival


Haruto tells Oto he loves her

"I didn't think for a minute that you were fully committed to just me. I know that personality of yours. It's so messed up with your overthinking. But it can't be helped. I can't compete with your past. So, let's make our own memories from now on, you and me."
—Haruto does not ask Oto to forget Tenma[src]

Before dropping her home, Haruto asked for Oto's phone number. He later texted her "I'm gonna do my best. So you give it your best too!" Haruto was then finally able to return home. He asked Kei about his motivations. Kei stated that "[Haruto] looked like [he] had it all". However, he realized that "[he] didn't have anything" after meeting him.[73] Later, Haruto invited Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru over to his house. He asked Issa for advice on dating spots. Issa and Sugimaru were surprised that he was dating Oto. When they asked him if she confessed, he answered that she said his name and that she wanted to see him. To this, they said "That's not dating!" Annoyed, Haruto kicked them out.[74] Haruto later purchased a yukata for Oto, planning a summer festival. He then texted her an invitation to it.[75]

Oto did not respond to his message right away, making Haruto nervous. He admitted this to Issa and Sugimaru. They once again said "That's not dating." Oto then responded, restoring Haruto's happiness. A few days later, Oto arrived with Konno and Mi-tan at his festival which was held at his house. Haruto complimented Oto's appearance.[76] While enjoying the festival, Sugimaru let it slip to Oto about Haruto worrying over her. Haruto attempted to play it down. A few minutes later, he tried to kiss Oto but she pulled away.[77] After Airi arrived, she hyperventilated and Oto took her inside. Haruto overheard Oto telling her that she could not forget her memories of Tenma. He interrupted, declaring "Let's make our own memories from now on." Once Airi left, Haruto asked her to go out with him.[78]

At the start of the second term, Kaito confided in Haruto about his crush on Airi. Kaito was pessimistic about the odds of her liking him back. Haruto dismissed this, saying "Your heart is what counts!" After giving a speech to the student body, the two found Oto and Airi. Haruto's words gave Kaito to confess his feelings to Airi and start pursuing her.[79] Later, Haruto decided to go see Tenma, who was in the midst of packing. He was preparing to transfer to Momonozono's new branch in Los Angeles. Tenma then asked Haruto not to tell Oto. When he returned home, Haruto told Kaito the news. That night, he struggled with if he should Oto, eventually deciding to do so. The next morning, he rushed to Oto's and pushed her inside a car, telling her the bare minimum. He then promised to wait for her outside her house.[80]

Problems with Oto's mother


Haruto and Oto realize they are alone together

"I really don't get it. I want to be with you. But it's not like I've ever gotten a concrete answer from you. I'm just assuming that you've chosen me. Sometime I have my doubts. Maybe I've got it all wrong..."
—Haruto voices his insecurity to Oto[src]

Once Oto left, Haruto called Kaito, who asked "What if Edogawa ends up going with him?" Haruto answered "I trust her." Oto's mother walked up, asking where her daughter went.[81] He explained everything to her. She then mentioned the state of her home, leading Haruto to inform her that he had stayed there before. She became angry at him and kicked him out of the house. Oto arrived seconds later and thanked him. He then asked her for a hug, but her mother dragged her away. A week later, Airi tricked him into going to her vacation home.[82] Finding himself alone with Oto, the two were stranded due to an oncoming storm. While perusing the pantry, Haruto mentioned Megumi which made Oto mad. Exasperated, he revealed that he felt uneasy in their relationship. She then ran outside and Haruto followed. Oto finally admitted her feelings and he hugged her out of happiness.[5]

The two went back inside, soaking wet from the rain. Oto went to take a bath first, while Haruto tried to dry himself with a towel. She then caught him undressing and ran away flustered. After their baths, Haruto found some writing on a wall from when the Correct 5 were children. Oto pointed out something Amei wrote, but Haruto pretended not to recognize it. He changed the subject to Oto's mother, promising to speak with her.[10] A few minutes later, her mother and Airi walked in on the couple in an intimate position. She refused to hear out Haruto's entreaties and dragged Oto out of the house. He and Airi decided to spend the night because of the storm. Asking about Kaito, Haruto suggested she go on a date with him. She agreed but only if it was a double date. Airi then revealed that Amei was due to return soon.[83]

Amei's return


Amei embraces Haruto upon seeing him again

Haruto: "Sorry, I thought it was all over. I had no idea that you felt this way, after all these years."
Amei: "Did you forget everything from back then?"
Haruto: "Of course I haven't forgotten. You were the one who saved me. I would have been so much lonelier without you"
— Haruto acknowledges Amei's importance which gives her closure[src]

The following day, Haruto and Airi came back to Tokyo and picked up Oto. They went to a cafe, where they discussed ways to get Oto's mother to accept Haruto. She mentioned a girl asking her for directions to his house. Concerned, he told her "If something happens, tell me right away." Outside, Amei suddenly appeared and hugged Haruto. He promptly pushed her away, leading her to say "Is that any way to treat your first crush?"[84] Haruto introduced Oto as his girlfriend, which shocked Amei. He then hurried away with Oto. Haruto explained that he had not told her about Amei because he felt that "it doesn't matter," meaning that it was all in the past. Oto calmly accepted his reason, even giggling at him being flustered. A day or so later, Haruto met up with Kaito at a park for the double date. The two then waited for Airi and Oto to show up.[15]

Shortly after Airi arrived, Oto showed up with Amei. Haruto immediately told her to go home. Oto, however, said it was okay and Airi and Kaito agreed. After eating hot dogs, everyone decided to go onto the pond. Picking groups by rock-paper-scissors, Haruto was forced onto the same boat as Amei. She then asked him why he stopped messaging her, which he denied doing.[85] He then told her "Let's stop talking about the past." At her prompting, Haruto promised to treat her like a childhood friend. Afterwards, everyone minus Oto went to Amei's welcoming party at Issa's. Haruto snuck away midway through and went to Oto's house.[86] He then brought her to his house, where he explained his past with Amei. When Oto asked if he would be with Amei if things had gone differently, Haruto interrupted and declared "No matter how many choices I'm given, I'll always pick you in the end."[16]

The next morning, Oto texted Haruto telling him that her father wanted to meet him that weekend.[87] That weekend, Haruto was on his way to Oto's when his driver saw Amei chasing after the car. In tears, she said "I can't forget you" and then collapsed. After taking her to the hospital, he called Oto to say he was going to be late. Haruto ended up being four hours late.[88] Oto's father pulled him outside and told Haruto a story of Oto giving up something precious to someone else. On his way home, Haruto spotted Amei waiting for him. He tried to let her down easy, but she became upset and embraced him.[89] When he noticed Oto nearby, he tried to push Amei away but she refused. Haruto then apologized to her and credited her with "saving" him. Oto had disappeared, so he walked Amei home.[90]

Los Angeles trip

When Oto did not show up at school, Haruto got irritable thinking about what her father said. He, however, decided to wait for her, telling Kaito that there was a "reasonable explanation" for her not coming to see him yet. That night, he saw her and Tenma on a news program. Haruto then ordered a plane without thinking.[91] Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Haruto went storming around Tenma's school calling Oto's name. He was arrested and taken to a police station, where he called the consulate. Tenma then arrived and brought him to Oto. Alone together, everything was cleared up between the couple. He then asked her to spend the night at his hotel.[92] Once there, he told her that nothing could happen between them since he still wanted to "win over [her] mother." She, however, wanted to sleep in the same bed. He was unable to sleep the entire night.[93]

The next morning, they were accosted by the Correct 5's arrival. Having not slept, Haruto was noticeably irritated with them. On the way to Tenma's school, Oto mentioned Kaito and Airi were acting weird and Haruto agreed.[94] During a tour given by Tenma, Kaito disappeared. Oto informed Haruto that Kaito had returned to the hotel. The guys then started a basketball match with Haruto playing on Tenma's side.[95] Afterwards, Haruto and Oto returned to the hotel room, where they found Kaito. When he explained what just happened with him and Airi, Oto yelled at him for being dishonest.[96] Kaito then rushed off to find Airi. Haruto and Oto soon followed, eventually coming upon Kaito and Airi embracing. With that settled, Haruto proposed that they go on their own date.[97]

Physical appearance

Haruto was handsome with pleasant, symmetrical features. He had wavy, almost black hair, which he later had cut shorter. Haruto was 176 centimeters tall and weighed about 60 kilograms. He desired to be four inches taller and eventually grew by two inches. He used to work out rigorously to improve his small build. Haruto gained an allergy to chicken breast, due to him eating too much during his bodybuilding phase. Following the Manly Man Festival, Haruto retained most of the muscle mass he gained during his training.

Personality and traits

Haruto was an earnest and dedicated person with good intentions. During his childhood, he was bullied for being short and small. Haruto developed a complex about this, which was exasperated when he starting hero-worshiping Tsukasa and the F4. Because of this, he felt inferior compared to Tenma, who had many of the qualities Haruto wanted. His love for Oto gradually made him a stronger person, allowing him to trust himself more. Growing up rich also made Haruto ignorant to how regular people were.

His favorite hobby was buying mail-order items, which he would have delivered at the convenience store to keep it a secret. He collected power stones and F4-related goods, particularly those pertaining to Tsukasa Domyoji. Haruto also often consulted horoscopes.

Behind the scenes

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