"Hello, ladies. It's been a while. Enjoying yourselves? I'm troubled to see so much beauty stranded in a corner like this."
—Kirishima greets the girl trio.[src]

Kirishima (桐島 (きりしま) ) was a CEO of a small subsidiary of the Lionel Group. He was likely a millionaire. Kirishima attended a party for the Lionel Group, where he briefly talked to Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara.[1]


Kirishima probably grew up rich and privileged. He worked as a CEO for a subsidiary of the Lionel Group. His position was given to him by his father.[1]

He later attended a party hosted by Lionel Group, where he spoke with Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara, whom he was already acquainted with.[1]

Physical appearance

Despite being in his twenties or thirties, Kirishima was prematurely balding. Erika Ayuhara also commented that he has lost more hair since the last time they saw him. At the party, he wore a white suit with a bow tie.

Behind the scenes


Kirishima (left) in Meteor Garden