"There was one person who stood up to the F4. That there was one girl who made enemies of the entire school. As for me, when our company went bankrupt and our things got repossessed, I put on a fake front as I continued to go to school. I cowardly protected myself. If the truth was ever discovered I planned to run away with my tail between my legs. I can't be like that girl."
—Oto Edogawa[src]

Oto Edogawa (江戸川 音 (えどがわ おと) Edogawa Oto) was a student at Eitoku Senior High and former fiancée of Tenma Hase. She was the daughter of Makoto, the president of the bankrupt Edo Quality Cosmetics. Following the bankruptcy, Oto and her mother, Yukie moved into a small apartment in Tokyo, where she obtained a part-time job at a convenience store.


Early life

Born on December 15,[1] Oto was the only child of Yukie and Makoto Edogawa. Her father was the president of Edo Quality Cosmetics.[2] His business was very successful at the time. Oto also lived briefly in Paris with her parents.[3]

During her childhood, she became friends with Tenma Hase, who was the son of her mother's best friend. Their mothers wished for to "become family through [their] children." Oto and Tenma were subsequently engaged.[4] When Tenma's mother died, Oto stayed by his side for hours at the funeral.[5]

Oto enrolled into Eitoku Academy during junior high.[6] Her mother chose the school since she had always admired it.[7] Around this time, her family's company was bankrupt. She and her mother began living by themselves in a modest apartment Tokyo,[2] while her father worked in Kyushu to pay off his debts.[8]

High school

Oto graduated from Eitoku Junior High and moved on to Eitoku Senior High. She later got a part-time job at a convenience store. Tenma's parents agreed that the couple would remained engaged, if Oto continued attending Eitoku. Oto spent much of her early days in high school hiding her financial status from the Correct 5, so she could stay at the school.[9][4]

Meeting Haruto


Oto after hitting Haruto

"Telling us to come to your house and then lording it over us. I don't care if you're the king of the school or whatever, but there's one thing I do a human being, you're the worst. Don't ever invite me to anything again!"
—Oto stands up to Haruto[src]

One day, she accidentally ran in front of the Correct 5's car. She was able to make up an excuse and left quickly. Later that day, the Correct 5's leader Haruto Kaguragi went to her work to retrieve his mail-order items. They recognized one another and she realized with horror that she would probably be kicked out of school. The following morning, Haruto confronted her and told her to get out. At that moment, they noticed another student being harassed. Oto went to help her and called Haruto "pathetic" for not trying. Haruto then punched the harasser as the others cheered. Oto used the moment to threaten to expose Haruto's affinity for mail-order items.[9]

Later at work, Oto agreed to go to a barbecue with her co-workers, when Haruto walked in and overheard. He invited them to hold it at his house. Oto only reluctantly went to his house with her co-workers. He talked condescendingly to them, which annoyed Oto. She then picked up a "hunk of beef" and slapped him with it.[10] Oto left his home, after calling him "the worst". She later apologized for the failed barbecue to her co-workers. On her way home, Oto's co-worker Maeno followed her into the park. He grabbed her arms when she tried to get away from him. Haruto came out of nowhere and kicked Maeno, who ran away from the scene.[2] He then accidentally admitted to following her, which she called "creepy". Oto later realized that the situation might have been worse if Haruto had not shown up. That night, she visited him at his mansion to thank him.[3]

Oto was later invited by her school friends, Kyoko and Asami, to go eat pancakes. She had to decline since she could afford it. Haruto overheard them and asked her out for pancakes the next Sunday. Oto agreed in order to repay him for saving her from Maeno. That Saturday, Oto went on a date with Tenma.[11] That Sunday, they met up near the pancake shop, which Haruto had bought to avoid lines. Haruto asked her about her reason for wanting to stay at Eitoku. He assumed it was because of the F4 and took her on a "pilgrimage" to their houses. At Tsukasa Domyoji's house, Oto admitted the real reason she wanted to stay was because she was betrothed to Tenma.[12] Haruto called her life "pathetic" and she replied that it had "nothing to do with [him]".[13]

Her secret revealed


Tenma protects Oto

"While I was struggling every day at Eitoku Academy, there were a few times when I felt like my old self. I had suppressed my true self. But without realizing it, it had come out again. Because of that weirdo. Haruto Kaguragi, ironically, it was when I was around him."
—Oto Edogawa[src]

A few days later, Haruto suddenly showed up at her job, asking "won't I do?"[14] She had no idea what he was talking about. Before she could ask what he meant, her coworker Konno interrupted them. Konno then invited Oto and Haruto to her apartment, when he began complaining about a stomachache. Oto reluctantly tagged along and cooked dinner for the three of them. Konno stepped for a moment, allowing Oto to ask him about his question. She guessed that he was "comparing [himself] to" Tsukasa Domyoji, not knowing he was actually thinking of Tenma. On their way home, Haruto apologized for his earlier insults. Oto forgave him with a smile. He then said, "don't say that your life has absolutely nothing to with me," leaving behind a confused Oto.[15]

Later at school, Oto discovered several fliers calling her a "peasant". The entire school began acting cold toward her, including her friends, Asami and Kyoko. Correct 5 member Airi Maya confronted her by telling her not to "go crying to [Haruto]". Oto asked her if Haruto posted the fliers, which Airi affirmed. At the school gate, she ran into Haruto and told him to "stay away" from her.[16] Oto decided to quit Eitoku and went home to tell her mother. However, she lost her nerve, after hearing her mother's wishes to see her and Tenma married. She put off telling her mother and went to inform Tenma. At his house, Oto told him that he was "free" now. When Tenma tried to blame the Correct 5, she placed all the blame on herself.[4]

In the morning, Oto went to school with the intent to quit. A student unexpectedly poured water on her and another punched her in the face, when she stepped inside the school. Oto was beaten badly by the time Tenma found her. He swiftly protected her from the others, before it was revealed that he paid a donation in her name. When Oto questioned him, he replied that he wanted to begin living for her "sake".[6] Tenma took her to the hospital and insisted that she stayed overnight. He indirectly confessed his feelings by saying, "I never once thought of you as just a fiancee arranged by my parents." After he left, Oto remarked that she felt the exact opposite of what Tenma said.[17]

Airi incident


Oto hugging Airi

"There was a beautiful purple flower... It had a really lovely scent and was such a beautiful color that it attracted people to it. But it swallowed anyone who came near it. I realize now that it was a carnivorous plant."
—A childhood storybook reminds Oto of Airi[src]

Haruto later visited Oto at the hospital. He apologized for his role, though unintentional, in her getting hurt. Oto attempted to apologize for telling him "I don't ever want to see your face again". However, he told her not to apologize and placed all the blame on himself. The next day, Oto discovered that donations were nonrefundable. Deciding not "to waste Tenma's generosity", she made up her mind to "return to how [she] used to be."[18] Some days later, Haruto showed up at Oto's work. Konno invited the two of them to hang out with her and her boyfriend, Mi-tan. Oto was hesitant to go, but ended up having a nice time with the three of them.[19]

At a restaurant with Haruto, Konno, and Mi-tan, Airi suddenly showed up and apologized for her previous behavior. Oto forgave her, acknowledging that she herself had lied. Airi also asked to be friends and told Oto to "think it over". After saying goodbye to Konno and Mi-tan, Airi brought Haruto and Oto to a retail store, where she gave Oto a new dress. Haruto was sent to a cafe, while Airi took Oto to the basement for another "present". She locked Oto inside a dark room.[20] Further back, Oto found Tenma, who had been tricked by Airi hours earlier. Oto tripped while searching for a way out. In his haste to help her, Tenma fell on top of her. The two quickly sprang apart. After Tenma promised to protect her, Haruto unlocked the door and freed them.[21]

Two days later, Kaito Taira visited Oto's apartment to ask if she had seen Airi.[21] They went to Haruto's house, where Kaito left them to think over their last interaction with Airi. Haruto refused to help and started an argument with Oto. She left to search on her own, following a clue to an abandoned factory. As the sky began raining, Oto found Airi nearly passed out. Oto attempted to call an ambulance, but her phone was broken. She gave her coat to Airi and began hugging her, saying "once you've gotten better, you can insult me all you want." Airi gradually accepted the embrace and told Oto to not "hurt Haruto's feelings", before fainting. Not a second too late, Haruto arrived and carried Airi to the factory's entrance.[22]

Enter Megumi


Oto and Tenma run into Megumi

Haruto: "Did you hear that? Just now? I didn't think you needed to know. I was thinking I'd take a bath and they had just switched the genders signs...In a stroke of bad luck, someone was already.."
Oto: "What are you so anxious to explain all this? It has nothing to do with me. I couldn't care less."
— Oto overhears Haruto and Megumi talking[src]
After standing in the rain, Oto became sick and was absent from school for several days. Airi surprisingly visited her and reminded Oto of her promise. She revealed to Oto that she had her father put the factory up for sale. Airi then asked Oto if she liked Tenma and if "there's still hope for Haruto." Oto did not give a clear answer to either question. Airi took Oto to a beach resort, where Issa Narumiya was holding a flower arranging performance.[23] While walking alone on the beach, Oto coincidentally met Haruto. Their conversation was stunted due to their earlier argument. After Issa's demonstration, Oto relaxed in the resort's hot springs with Airi.[24] Haruto drove her home later that night. Her mother jokingly asked if she was "two-timing Tenma".[25]

The next day, Oto overheard Haruto talking to Megumi Nishidome. Haruto hurriedly attempted to explain the situation. Oto told him that "it has nothing to do with [her]." A few minutes later, Oto ran into Airi, who said "[she] thought he was in love with [Oto]". Oto told her that she was "mistaken".[26] Haruto and Megumi remained on Oto's mind for the rest of the day. She considered that she may be jealous, but refused to admit it. That night, Oto yelled at her mother about her frivolous spending and ran from the house. She was spotted by Tenma, who happened to be driving by. Oto told him to "go on home" since she was "disgusted with [her]self". He refused to leave her by herself, telling her "I'm here for you."[27]

As Tenma walked her home, Oto realized that she had not replied to his confession yet. They were interrupted by her mother, before she could say anything. The next morning, they went on their monthly date. Oto and Tenma kept the date casual and enjoyed themselves. At an aquarium, they coincidentally meet Megumi. She confessed that was beginning to have a crush on Haruto. Oto told her to "do whatever [she] want[ed]" and said a quick goodbye. She then pulled Tenma aside and asked him to date her for real.[28] That night, Tenma dropped Oto off at work. He asked her if she was sure about them dating. Oto replied, "please be good to me" with a bow.[29] Noticing Oto's appearance, Konno asked if she was on a date with Haruto. Oto calmly said, "no, not at all."[30]

Dating Tenma


Oto and Tenma meet Haruto and Megumi at an amusement park

Oto: "Oh! I apologized again...I can't help it. Apologizing has become so automatic for me."
Tenma: "It seems I'm the one always making you say that. Let's go slow. We've only just started dating. Anyway that's the Oto I like"
— Tenma and Oto after sharing their first kiss[src]

Oto and Tenma soon began talking regularly on the phone. Tenma invited her to an opening on an amusement park. The date would be their first to not happen on the twentieth of that month. At school, Megumi approached Oto during lunch. She asked Oto again about her liking Haruto. Oto replied in a similar manner. On their date, Oto and Tenma rode a roller-coaster, which caused Oto to feel sick. While lying on a bench, Oto saw Haruto and Megumi.[31] Megumi suggested for the four of them to go around the park together, which Oto reluctantly agreed to. The atmosphere turned tense as Haruto challenged Tenma to ride several rides with him.[32]

Haruto got into the same car as Oto on the Ferris wheel. She was irritated by him and said "try paying attention sometime". Oto told him to stop "stringing [Megumi] along" if he did not like her, which irritated Haruto. He attempted to confess his feelings, before the Ferris wheel lurched. A child below nearly fell out, but Haruto saved him in time. Haruto slipped and fell onto a mattress.[33] Afterwards, Oto left with Tenma. They met a few of his classmates, including a girl that had a crush on Tenma. Oto was worried for the girl and asked Tenma about her. He snapped, questioning if Oto wanted him to go "comfort" the girl. Oto apologized and hurried away. She went to Haruto's house, where Oto asked him if he liked her. He confirmed as much. Oto thanked him for sharing, before saying "now we can end this."[34]

After hearing Haruto's feelings, Oto asked him to stop pursuing her since she was dating Tenma. He questioned why she had to be dating Tenma and not him. She told him that "there [was] nothing else for [her] to say." Oto spent the rest of the night in deep thought at a fast food restaurant. She encountered Tenma when she returned home. Oto apologized for making him wait.[35] He then kissed her, which was her first kiss. Oto felt a "pain in [her] chest" after. The next day, Haruto ignored her at school.[36] Eitoku was later vandalized. Oto was annoyed by the students' passiveness and began cleaning off the graffiti. She was joined by the Correct 5. Oto agreed to meet Airi after school, though she had to go to work.[37]

Eitoku hunt and aftermath


Oto is targeted in an "Eitoku hunt"

Oto: "Do you want to win against Eitoku so bad that you'll resort to dirty tricks? Why?"
Konoe: "I don't care about the rivalry between Momonozono and Eitoku. Stupid wench."
— Oto learns that Konoe is behind the attacks[src]

Oto was approached by three strangers targeting Eitoku students. They attempted to spray her clothes with paint, but accidentally got it in her eyes. A group of Momonozono students, including Hitoshi Konoe, arrived and scared the guys away. They then took her to a hospital, where Konoe contacted Tenma. After seeing a doctor, Tenma asked her if she wanted to transfer to Momonozono.[38] Oto agreed to think it over. Tenma had Konoe escort Oto to work. On the way, Konoe acted pushy about her transferring soon, which Oto found off-putting. At work, Haruto suddenly arrived to see Oto. He became irritated at the mention of Tenma. Haruto said some hateful words to her, leading Oto to tell him about her transfer.[39]

After work, Oto ran into Konoe at the bridge. He revealed that he saw her talking to Haruto earlier and warned her "not to do anything that might be misconstrued." Oto was taken aback by his rudeness.[40] She then went to meet her mother at her job and waited until her shift to ended. Oto asked her about transferring to Momonozono. Her mother promptly said no, saying that she always wanted her child to attend Eitoku.[7] The following day, Oto received a uniform from Konoe. She immediately went to return it. Outside Konoe's home, she saw him talking to the guys that attacked her. She followed them into a parking garage, where Konoe handed the guys money. Oto realized that he was behind the Eitoku attacks and asked why he would do such things. Konoe replied that he only cared about making Tenma "victorious".[41]

Oto began experiencing stomach pain as she headed towards Tenma's house. Some hours later, Tenma finally arrived along with Konoe. She pointed at Konoe and accused him of being behind the Eitoku attacks, which he denied. Tenma told her that she must be "mistaken". Konoe then insulted with insinuations about the reasons for her not transferring. Oto slapped him and ran out of the house.[42] Shortly later, Haruto found her crying and offered to take her home. She declined and walked away, before collapsing. Haruto brought her to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with acute inflammation of the GI tract due to stress. Afterwards, Haruto walked her home. They were soon joined by Tenma and Konoe. When Tenma asked her about her accusations, Haruto questioned why he would not believe Oto in the first place.[43]

Haruto vs. Tenma


Haruto asks Oto to be with him

Oto: "If he ever says anything to you, just let it go. There's no reason for you two to fight each other."
Haruto: "What? There's lots of reasons for us to fight. I'll take him on."
— Oto tries to warn Haruto about fight Tenma[src]

After Haruto defended Oto, she wondered why he was the one who believed her and not Tenma. Haruto and Tenma then began arguing, causing Oto to tell everyone to leave. She went to the park to wash her face and Haruto followed her. There Oto told him that she was not transferring, which made him overjoyed. Oto said goodbye and turned to leave. Haruto hugged her and said "I can't stop being in love with you."[5] At this point, Tenma walked in and saw them. Oto tried to tell Tenma that he was "just joking", which Haruto refuted before declaring that he had not given up on Oto yet. Tenma walked Oto back to her home. He described how he was "boiling with rage" over what happened. The next day, she warned Haruto not to fight Tenma, who was a mixed martial arts champion.[44]

Three days later, Oto was unable to get a hold of Tenma and feared "that things might have gotten out of hand." She also learned that Haruto had not been at school. Konoe visited her at her job sometime later to inform her about Haruto and Tenma competing at the "Manly Man Festival." He voiced his intention to spread the news as far and wide as possible.[45] On her and knees, Oto asked to not do it, which only annoyed him. After the news broke, she felt responsible for the situation.[46] On the day of the competition, Oto and Airi boarded a train to Kyoto. Airi asked her to cheer for Haruto and not for Tenma. Oto then remembered that she was the reason Tenma became strong. She questioned whether she could "betray" him to "cheer on [Haruto]."[47]

After Tenma won the first round, Oto decided to ask Tenma to "quit this battle." She received a video from Konno on the way. The video depicted her confrontation with Konoe, including him confessing to the attacks. Tenma happened to overhear the video.[48] The revelation was the cause of his lost in the second round. Tenma ended up forfeiting the contest to Haruto.[49] Later, Haruto asked Oto to break up with Tenma to "be with [him]" and promised to wait for her at Shijo Ohashi Bridge.[50] She refused and left to go see Tenma. On a walk together, Tenma told her his honest feelings and asked to end their engagement. Three guys, who had previously attacked Oto, then snuck up on the pair. Tenma was accidentally stabbed by one of them, while trying to protect Oto.[51]

Looking after Tenma


Oto and Konoe cheer up Tenma during Christmas

Tenma: "Oto. Don't you have plans? I can explain by myself."
Oto: "Plans? What are you going on about? You think anything else matters? How long have we known each other? D-did you think I was the type of person, who would leave you in this situation?! Stupid!"
— Oto stays with Tenma after he gets stabbed[src]

Oto accompanied Tenma to the hospital, though he protested, causing her to shout "did you think I was the type of person who would leave you in this situation?!" At the hospital, Tenma was immediately taken into surgery. Oto began thinking about Haruto while she was waiting. She wrote him a note, telling him to go home, and asked a taxi driver to deliver it to him. After Tenma's surgery, he revealed to Oto that he had no feeling in his right hand.[52] Tenma's parents arrived from Tokyo sometime later. His stepmother blamed Oto for the accident. Oto already felt that it was fault, despite Tenma's reassurances.[53] Before he left, Tenma's father asked Oto to look after his son since she had decided to stay in Kyoto. She later ran into Konoe, who was also being treated at the hospital. Oto stopped him from committing suicide, telling him that "Tenma [would] think it [was] his fault".[54]

Following Tenma's release from the hospital, Oto and Konoe stayed with him at his family's Kyoto home. On Christmas, she went along with Konoe's attempt to cheer up Tenma by dressing in a reindeer costume. She later opted to stay in Kyoto, when Tenma told her he was going to see Haruto in Tokyo on New Years' Eve.[55] Sometime in January, Tenma had surgery on his right arm again. Oto and Konoe continued to stay with him in Kyoto for six months. She began her final year in high school that summer, even with her numerous absences. Oto and Airi were reunited after months apart. Airi asked her if she was going on the joint summer school between their school and Momonozono. When Oto said no, she attempted to get Haruto to convince her. He looked at her coldly and said "if she does [not] want to come then do [not] make her."[56]

Oto was shocked speechless by Haruto's words and his look of indifference. When Airi declared that she would no longer be friends with him, Oto pleaded with her not to "break up [their] friendship over [her]." At a cafe, Oto confessed to Airi that she and Tenma broke up since she could not be her true self with him. Oto later cried when she realized that she could "show [her] true emotions" with Haruto.[57] Some days later, Oto decided to go on the summer trip at the last minute. She was worried about seeing Haruto again, though she eventually resolved to enjoy herself per Airi's advice. At the resort, she signed up for a snorkeling tour. Haruto happened to be in the same group as her. The two were stranded in the ocean, when the boat left by mistake.[58]

Physical appearance

Oto was a pretty, young girl, though not overly cute. Oto had medium length, brown hair, which framed her oval-shaped face. She had clear, round eyes, a small nose, and a pointed chin. Oto was of an average height, standing at 163 centimeters. Her wardrobe consisted of mostly casual, comfortable clothing, when she was not wearing her school uniform.

Personality and traits

Overall, Oto was a kind, caring, and hardworking person. After her family went bankrupt, Oto became responsible and practical with money. She was mostly uninterested in her former lavish lifestyle, unlike her mother who tended to dwell on the past. Prior to enrolling at Eitoku, Tenma said that Oto was "always laughing", that "[she] enjoyed life so much", she was talkative, and "said what [she] thought". In contrast, Oto later was usually quiet and constantly making up excuses to cover up her secret. After her secret was exposed, Oto was able to be herself more, but was still reserved.

She desired peace and wished for an easy, normal life. Oto's favorite word was "serenity", a synonym for calm. Her hobbies consisted of reading books, watching movies, and sleeping. She also dreamed of having a pet.


Oto ( () ) means "sound". Her name uses the kun'yomi pronunciation of the word; rendered in Hiragana as おと. The character can also be pronounced as on (おん () ), in (いん () ), or ne ( () ).[59][60] Her last name Edogawa (江戸川 () ) means "Edo River".[61] "Edo" is an old name for Tokyo.[62] Individually, the characters mean "cove, inlet", "entrance, gate, door", and "river". Her last name is written as えどがわ in Hiragana.

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