Shen Yue (Chinese: 沈月; pinyin: Chén Yuè, born February 27, 1997 in Wugang, China) is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her lead roles in A Love So Beautiful (2017) as Chen Xiao Xi and Meteor Garden (2018) as Dong Shan Cai.


Early life


Shen Yue with her Meteor Garden cast mates

Shen Yue was born on February 27, 1997 in Wugang, located in the Hunan province in China.

In 2014, she enrolled at Hunan Normal University. During her second year in college, her photographer friend posted a photo of her online, which attracted the attention of her future agent.[1]


In August 2017, Shen had small roles in the period drama The Autumn Harvest Uprising (秋收起义) and the romantic-comedy, fantasy Let's Shake It (颤抖吧,阿部!).[2] She was selected for the female lead in the school drama A Love So Beautiful, which began airing on November 9, 2017.[3] The same day, Shen attended a press conference in Shanghai to announce her role as Shan Cai in the remake of Meteor Garden,[4] which premiered on July 9, 2018.[5] She also appeared in The Inn in November 2018 with former Meteor Garden costar Dylan Wang.[6] Shen is currently set to star in Another Me, a television drama based on a film.[7]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2017 The Autumn Harvest Uprising Zeng Zhi
Let's Shake It Xiao Yue
A Love So Beautiful Chen Xiao Xi
2018 Meteor Garden Dong Shan Cai
Another Me An Sheng



Yoko Kamio's drawing of Shen

  • She has been nicknamed "Yue Bing" (月饼, lit. "mooncake") by fans.
  • To promote Meteor Garden, she and her costars appeared in an episode of PhantaCity, in which they portray toys.[8]
  • Shen received an illustration from Boys Over Flowers creator Yoko Kamio, when the author visited China in November 2018. The drawing features the original manga version of Tsukushi and Yue's portrayal of the character.[9]
  • She and Connor Leong will appear in Another Me together.


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