"I like to believe... if I wear great shoes, they'll take me to great places."
—Shizuka Todo[src]

Shizuka Todo (藤堂 静 (とうどう しずか) Tōdō Shizuka) was the heiress of Todo Trading. She was a student at Eitoku Academy, and studied abroad in France where she began working as a model. Shizuka was the first Japanese woman to win "Miss Teen of France". She later renounced her family name to become a lawyer and returned to France.


Early life

Shizuka was born on October 4[2] in Tokyo, Japan as the heir of Todo Trading. She began studying ballet and piano at three years old.[5] During her childhood, she often played with Tsukasa Domyoji, Rui Hanazawa, Sojiro Nishikado, and Akira Mimasaka. She was especially close to Rui.[6]

When she decided to study aboard, Rui begged her to stay with him in Japan.[7] She took a leave of absence from Eitoku University to attend the Sorbonne in Paris, France. While abroad, Shizuka began her modelling career and became the first Japanese woman to win the title, "Miss Teen of France".[5]

Return to Japan


Rui and Shizuka embrace.

Shizuka: "Rui! I've missed you so much! Let me see your face. You've grown into such a handsome man."
Rui: "All this time for so long. I've wanted to see you again."
— Shizuka and Rui are reunited[src]

After finishing her studies, Shizuka returned to Japan. She was greeted first by Rui, whom she embraced.[6] The rest of the F4 arrived shortly and invited her to go drinking. At a night club, Shizuka was happily with the others, when Sojiro noticed Rui was being "moody." He finally admitted that one of Shizuka's modelling campaigns bothered him since she appeared to be naked. She thought it was "sweet" for him to worry, but insisted that it was just for her career.[3] The following day, the F4 joined Shizuka for lunch at Eitoku University. A few minutes later, two high school students, Tsukushi Makino and Kazuya Aoike, suddenly ran in, followed by a retinue of bullies.[8] Rui surprised Shizuka by protecting Tsukushi against Tsukasa's wishes. Afterwards, she took Tsukushi to the ladies' room, where she helped her clean herself up. Shizuka mused whether Rui had feelings for Tsukushi, though she already knew that he was in love with her.[7]

Shizuka accompanied the F4 on their trip to Atami during summer vacation. Upon arrival, Shizuka invited Tsukushi to the party that Tsukasa was holding later. She refused until Shizuka got Rui to encourage her. Before the party, Shizuka fixed Tsukushi's hair and makeup, and lent her a dress. Everyone was impressed with Shizuka's work.[9] The next night, Shizuka asked Rui if he liked Tsukushi, despite already knowing his feelings for herself. He declared "Will you stop playing with my feelings?!", before dragging her into one of the yacht's empty cabins.[10] They kissed, but Rui stopped and asked her, "How can you be so... placid?" Shizuka reached out to kiss him again, when Tsukasa walked in and invited them to dinner.[10]

Pursuing her dreams

Physical appearance

Tsukushi described Shizuka as having "huge eyes", "flowing chestnut hair", "eyelashes like a doll's", and "translucent skin". She also commented that she had "never seen such a beautiful woman" as Shizuka.[3][7] Shizuka also won the beauty contests, Miss Teen Japan[11] and Miss Teen of France.[5]

Personality and traits

Shizuka was an incredibly open person, who was kind to everyone no matter their background. She had high aspirations for herself and abandoned her privileged life to build her own life. A determined person, Shizuka could not be strayed from her path once she made up her mind. Love and relationships also took a backseat to her ambitions.

Behind the scenes

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