"And it's not just your neck on the line! You two are the leaders of your schools. To the rest of the world, this looks like a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono."
—Sugimaru advises Haruto[src]

Sugimaru Eibi (栄美 杉丸 (えいび すぎまる) Eibi Sugimaru) was a student at Eitoku Academy. He was a member of the Correct 5 with Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, and Issa Narumiya. Sugimaru was a martial arts practitioner and a fitness fanatic in general. He spent atleast two hours a day working out.


Early life


The Correct 5 as children

Sugimaru was born on November 17.[1] In elementary school, he met Haruto Kaguragi, Kaito Taira, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya at one of their parents' dinner parties.[2][3] Sugimaru first became interested in martial arts and physical fitness as a child. His hero was Bruce Lee.[4]

High school

Sugimaru joined Haruto's Correct 5 with Kaito, Issa, and Airi. Soon after, he began attending Eitoku Senior High. In high school, the Correct conducted "peasant hunts" to force the poor students to quit. Their goal was to restore Eitoku's back to its glory days.[5]

Meeting Oto


Sugimaru and Haruto dressed as Momonozono students

"If we're gonna defeat the enemy, we need to know all about them first. So that's why, I got us these. They'll help us infiltrate Momonozono Academy."
—Sugimaru and Haruto prepare to sneak into Momonozono[src]

The Correct 5 met Oto Edogawa, when she a accidentally ran in front of their car on their way home.[5] Later, Haruto asked his friends for advice about a girl blackmailing him. Sugimaru was against Haruto following Issa's advice since he the school's "biggest flirt".[6] He "looked into" Momonozono Academy to figure out why the school was more popular than Eitoku. From his research, he learned about the student president Tenma Hase and reported his findings to Haruto.[7] Sugimaru devised a way to "infiltrate" Momonozono. He and Haruto entered disguised as students. However, they were quickly spotted. Tenma protected the other students from beating them up. They left, when Haruto became irritated by Tenma.[8]

Later, Sugimaru, Kaito, and Issa discovered fliers exposing Oto as a commoner. Sugimaru was surprised by the large amount of fliers spread everywhere.[9] The Correct 5 then decided to expel Oto. Haruto declared that he could not bring himself to do it, much to everyone's surprise. Airi promptly left to expel Oto by herself.[10] After Tenma paid Oto's donation, Sugimaru commented that it was "amazing" that Tenma was her fiance.[11] Before one of Issa's flower arranging performances, Sugimaru was astonished that Haruto was unaware of Airi's feelings for him.[12] An hour later, he was shocked to see Oto with Airi, because of her earlier antagonism toward Oto.[13]

Enter Megumi


Sugimaru is surprised when Megumi comes to see Haruto

Sugimaru: "I knew he wouldn't be able to do it. Faking a romance is beyond him."
Issa: "True, but that's what I like about Haruto. He's so genuine he can't lie"
— Sugimaru and Issa discuss Haruto and Megumi[src]

Like the other Correct 5 members, Sugimaru was shocked to see Megumi "Megurin" Nishidome at Eitoku, when she came to return Haruto's wallet.[14] They were also reluctant to believe that he just accidentally met her in the resort's bath. After the initial shock was over, the Correct 5 brought her to their "Salon".[15] Several days later, Sugimaru and Issa annoyed Airi when they appeared unconcerned about Haruto being absent. The same day, Sugimaru was indifferent about Megumi transferring to Eitoku.[16]

Meanwhile, Eitoku students were being targeted in "Eitoku hunts", which concerned the Correct 5. The school's gates were later vandalized.[17] Oto spurred Sugimaru and the others to help clean it.[18] Sugimaru was impressed by Oto's actions.[19] Later, Kaito confirmed that Haruto and Megumi were "over". Sugimaru commented that "faking a romance [was] beyond [Haruto]".[20] Haruto revealed that someone from Momonozono was behind the attacks on Eitoku attacks. Sugimaru reacted angrily, saying "I'm gonna thrash 'em". Someone then predicted that this would lead to "a battle between [Eitoku] and Momonozono."[21]

Haruto vs. Tenma


Sugimaru helps Haruto train for the festival

"And it's not just your neck on the line! You two are the leaders of your schools. To the rest of the world, this looks like a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono."
—Sugimaru to Haruto[src]

After Tenma challenged Haruto to compete against him at the "Manly Man Festival", he went to Sugimaru for help. He attempted to convince Haruto to back out of it, describing Tenma as being "out of [his] league". When Haruto refused to quit, Sugimaru told him that it was a huge risk since this was like "a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono." He and Haruto then went to Sugimaru's family's dojo in Kyoto, where they began training vigorously.[22] On the day of the competition, Sugimaru was surprised to see the stadium filled with students from Eitoku and Momonozono. Hitoshi Konoe, a Momonozono student, then revealed to him and Haruto that the festival was going to be broadcast on television also.[23]

In the first round, Sugimaru advised Haruto to not "engage", having taught him a particular strategy earlier. He was unable to implement the move and was taken down by Tenma.[24] Before the second portion, Sugimaru reminded Haruto that he had to pass this round in order to win the competition. Like the others, he displayed a lack of faith in Haruto. They were all shocked when he managed to best Tenma. Haruto then won the contest, after Tenma did not show up for the final round.[25] Afterwards, Sugimaru stated that "it could [have] ended really bad" to Airi, Kaito, and Issa.[26] The next morning, he went with Kaito and Issa to pick up Haruto. He had been waiting a whole day for Oto. Sugimaru and the others then helped Haruto get back to Tokyo.[27]

Changes at Eitoku

During Christmas, Sugimaru competed in a judo competition in Hokkaido. He returned to Tokyo to spend New Years' Eve with his friends. When Haruto revealed that he stopped training, Sugimaru said "what a waste after you trained so hard." Kaito made an announcement about "join[ing] forces" with Momonozono. Sugimaru readily agreed to the proposal.[28] After the partnership was formed, the two schools began having joint classes. Sugimaru gained some fans among the martial arts enthusiasts of Momonozono. During this time, he also noticed a change in Haruto.[29] Sugimaru later attended the joint summer school between the schools. He and some of the others went on Megumi's yacht the first day.[30]

Physical appearance

Sugimaru had a "nice body" and well-toned muscles from working out constantly. He had spiky, black hair and almond-shaped eyes. Sugimaru was frequently seen wearing work-out clothes, when he was not at school in his Correct 5 uniform.

Personality and traits

He was extremely athletic and worked out daily for two hours. Sugimaru said he felt "gross", if he did not work out. He first became interested in fitness as a child, which was probably when he began practicing martial arts. His idol was Bruce Lee. Sugimaru had no interest in dating, unlike his friend Issa.

Behind the scenes

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