"I'm no saint. I even wanted to beat up Kaguragi. It was underhanded of me to go up against him in my field of expertise. But he was such a thorn in my side. The more straitlaced a person seems on the outside, the more crooked they are on the inside."
—Tenma to Oto[src]

Tenma Hase (馳 天馬 (はせ てんま) Hase Tenma) was the student body president of Momonozono Academy and the son of the late Miyoko Hase. He was previously engaged to his childhood friend, Oto Edogawa. His good friend, Hitoshi Konoe was also in the Student Council.


Early life

"I'll never forget the day my mother died. It was a cold and snowy day. She sat next to me without saying a word. For hours. That was the moment that Oto became a special person to me."

Tenma was born to Miyoko and Hase of the wealthy Hase family.[2] As a child, he and his mother would meet once a month with Oto Edogawa and her mother. Their mothers wished that Tenma and Oto would marry someday, so the two were engaged at some point. On the day his mother died, Oto sat with him for several hours at the funeral. She became an important person to Tenma after this.[3] His father was later remarried to Mirei. She cared about Tenma, but disapproved of his engagement to Oto.[4] His parents allowed the engagement to continue, but only if Oto continued attending Eitoku Academy.[2]

In middle school, Tenma and Oto were targeted by muggers, who proceeded to pummel Tenma. He started practicing martial arts after this incident, likely in order to protect Oto in the future.[5] Tenma later became the Junior Champion of All-Around Martial Arts.[6] One day, probably during middle school, Tenma saved Hitoshi Konoe from jumping off a bridge. Tenma, who was well-respected at school, told their classmates to stop bullying Konoe. Konoe felt extremely grateful toward Tenma afterwards.[7]

High school

In high school, Tenma became the student body president of Momonozono Academy and his good friend, Konoe, was his vice president.[8] He was considered their "star pupil" and attracted a lot of attention. Similar to the F4's pull, new students flocked to the school because of Tenma.[9]

Meeting Haruto


Tenma arrives at school

"Oto, you said it yesterday. That I would be set free. So from today on, I'm going to live how I want. For your sake, Oto. Kaguragi, she won't get kicked out if you get your donation, right? Now hear this. If you ever do this again, I'll crush you. As Oto Edogawa's fiancé."
—Tenma confronts Haruto[src]

The Correct 5's Haruto Kaguragi and Sugimaru Eibi visited Momonozono one day. Tenma saved the two of them from being beaten by the other students. He attempted to have a conversation with them, but Haruto became irritated with him and left.[10] A few days later, Oto unexpectedly visited him at his home. She informed him that she was going to quit Eitoku. When Oto told him he could be "free" now, Tenma questioned if her quitting was the Correct 5's fault. However, Oto took all of the blame. Tenma then asked her, if she quit would she return to the "smiling" Oto that he used to know. She had no answer for him.[2]

In the morning, Tenma went to Eitoku and donated $500,000 in Oto's name. He happened to see the other Eitoku students beating up Oto. Tenma swiftly threw them away from her. He looked at Haruto and called him "despicable". Taking Oto's "free" comment to heart, he declared to her that he would live how he wanted, but for her sake. Tenma stood up and told Haruto that he would "crush" him if he ever hurt Oto again.[11] At the hospital, Tenma arranged for her to stay there overnight "as a precaution". He indirectly confessed his feelings by saying, "I never once thought of you as just a fiancee arranged by my parents." He asked for her answer, but decided to wait until she felt better.[12]

Tenma was later approached by Airi Maya, who told him that Oto was "in danger". She evidently lured him into the basement of retail store that her father owned. Sometime later, she locked Oto into the same room. Tenma was immensely relieved to see that Oto was okay. He was also happy to be in such close proximity to Oto. After Tenma promised to protect her forever, Haruto unlocked the door. Tenma told Haruto "not to hurt Oto ever again." On their way home, Oto told Tenma that Airi reminded her of a storybook they read as children.[13]

Dating Oto


Tenma kisses Oto after a fight

Tenma: "Are you sure? What you said about us going out. I wasn't hearing things, was I? If you really meant it, then I'd be the happiest person on earth tonight."
Oto: "Tenma...please be good to me."
— Tenma and Oto start dating officially[src]

One night, Tenma saw Oto on his way home. An emotional Oto told him to leave, but he refused, saying "I can[not] just leave you here." Tenma even expressed that he was jealous "of the people who got to see this raw side of [Oto]."[14] He then walked her home. The following day, they met for their monthly date. For the first time, Tenma and Oto dressed casually and went somewhere informal, an aquarium. There they met Megumi Nishidome, who confessed to having feelings for Haruto. Oto told her to "do whatever [she] wants." Tenma was concerned for Oto and asked if she was "sure" about what she said. Oto held Tenma's hand and asked him to "go out with [her]".[15] Tenma said yes and they began dating officially.[16]

Sometime after they started dating, Tenma invited Oto on a date to an amusement park. The date was their first to not be on the twentieth. That day, Oto and Tenma rode a roller-coaster, which caused her to become sick. They ran into Megumi and Haruto.[17] Megumi suggested that they all go around the park together. Haruto turned the day into a competition against Tenma. In a haunted house, Tenma asked Haruto if he was in love with Oto and declared that he would not "give her up." They were about to get on the Ferris wheel, when Haruto walked past Tenma and got on with Oto.[18] While waiting for the ride to end, Megumi told Tenma that Haruto did not do it on purpose. A child almost fell off the ride, but Haruto saved him.[19]

Tenma and Oto left the amusement park shortly later. They coincidentally met some of Tenma's classmates, including a girl who had a crush on him. Oto was concerned about the girl's reaction, but Tenma asked "why are you letting that bother you?" He further inquired if she wanted him to "go after her and comfort her", and yelled "what good will that that do?" She apologized and said a hurried goodbye, before running off.[20] That night, Tenma waited for Oto outside her home for several hours. Oto said sorry for making him wait. However, he told her to never "apologize to [him] again" and kissed her.[21] Oto apologized again, which she described as a reflex. Tenma promised to take the relationship "slow" since they have "only just started dating."[22]

Defending Konoe


Tenma dismisses Oto's accusation against Konoe

"Are you seriously saying that Konoe is the one behind the Eitoku attacks? I don't think so. He's important to me at the academy. Oto, you must have been mistaken."
—Tenma does not believe Oto's accusation[src]

A couple days later, Oto was targeted by three men during an "Eitoku hunt", a series of attacks on Eitoku students. Members of Tenma's student council, including Konoe, saved her. Tenma rushed to the hospital to check on her. He asked her if there was "any reason [she] need[ed] to be at Eitoku".[23] Oto mentioned Tenma's stepmother's stipulation, which Tenma called "ridiculous". Tenma asked her to think about possibly transferring to Momonozono. He then had Konoe escort Oto to work.[24] Some days later, Konoe informed Tenma that he had sent a Momonozono uniform to Oto. Tenma was concerned since Oto had not said yes to transferring yet.[25]

Later that day, Tenma returned to his house after hanging out with Konoe for hours. He found Oto waiting for him. She accused Konoe of being behind the Eitoku attacks, which he calmly denied. Konoe then told Tenma about Oto's decision to stay at Eitoku. Tenma told Oto that must have "made a mistake" and expressed disappointment about her not transferring. Oto called Tenma "infallible" and ran out of his house.[26] Tenma and Konoe caught up with Oto by her house, where they found her with Haruto. He asked her why she thought Konoe was behind the attacks. Haruto piped in, wondering why Tenma would question Oto in the first place.[27] Before Tenma and Haruto could start fighting, Oto asked everyone to leave. Tenma, however, realized that he should not have left her and went back. She was still with Haruto, who was hugging her.[3]

Tenma vs. Haruto


Tenma faces Haruto in competition

"It's a tournament composed of three sports. That's where we'll face off. You and I will enter. There's a guy at your school who does martial arts, Sugimaru Eibi, right? Ask him about it. Two weeks from now, don't chicken out. If I win, you're going to end it."
—Tenma challenges Haruto[src]

Tenma immediately ordered Haruto to get away from Oto. He called Haruto "despicable" for not considering Oto's feelings, to which Haruto replied that he had not given up on her yet. Tenma then left with Oto. On their way to her home, he described how he was "boiling with rage" over Haruto's actions. The following night, Tenma went to Haruto's house to confront him.[28] He challenged Haruto to compete against him at the "Manly Man Festival". Tenma added a stipulation, saying if he won then Haruto would have to give up on pursuing Oto. When Haruto tried to add his own stipulation, Tenma confidently told him that he would not win and that he planned to "take everything away" from Haruto.[29] He went to Kyoto ahead of time to immerse himself in training. Tenma ignored all of Oto's phone calls during this time.[5]

At the competition, Tenma bested Haruto in the first round within minutes. Afterwards, Tenma overheard a video recording from Oto's phone. In it Konoe confessed to being behind the attacks.[30] The revelation shook up Tenma. He lost the second round due to an extremely poor performance. Tenma punched Konoe and told him to never "show [his] face in front of [him] again." He did show up for the third event, forfeiting the whole contest to Haruto.[31] Sometime later, Tenma and Oto went for a walk. He apologized, saying that he "lost sight of what was most important." Having guessed Oto's feelings, Tenma expressed his wish to end their engagement. The two of them were then attacked by muggers. Tenma was stabbed in the struggle, while trying to protect Oto.[32]

Injury and recovery


Tenma at the hospital

"Inside the ambulance that was the first time you ever called me "stupid." Even though it was under unpleasant circumstances, it made me happy. No matter what anyone says it's not your fault, Oto."
—Tenma to Oto after his injury[src]

The assailants fled on foot shortly after stabbing Tenma. An ambulance then arrived to take him to the hospital. Oto immediately agreed to come along, but Tenma asked her if she had plans. Her response was "did you think I was the type of person who would leave you in this situation?!" At the hospital, Tenma was taken into surgery, which lasted about two hours. Afterwards, he informed Oto that he had no feeling in his right hand and thought he may have severed a nerve.[33] Tenma's parents flew in from Tokyo to speak to his doctor, who had "hope for a full recovery." Meanwhile, he had grown restless, so a nurse asked Oto to keep an eye on him. Tenma then sensed that his stepmother may have said something to Oto. He told her "no matter what anyone says it [is] not your fault."[4]

His parents later returned to Tokyo, while Tenma remained at the hospital in Kyoto. A nurse informed that another student from his school was also there. After doing his morning tests, Tenma asked a doctor questions about the student and guessed that it was Konoe. He then went up to the roof, where he found Oto with Konoe who proceeded to apologize profusely to Tenma. He decided to "believe in Konoe one more time."[34] After Tenma was temporarily released, he stayed at his family's Kyoto house with Oto and Konoe. The three of them spent Christmas together. Tenma later suggested a partnership between Eitoku and Momonozono to the Correct 5's Kaito Taira. On New Years' Eve, Kaito arranged a meeting for Tenma to speak to Haruto in Tokyo. Tenma apologized to him for "challeng[ing him] for purely selfish reasons". Haruto agreed to "join forces" with him.[35]

After a major surgery in January, Tenma spent another six months in Kyoto for rehabilitation. He returned to school the following summer. On his first day back, Tenma visited Haruto's house. He informed him about his breakup with Oto, to which Haruto said "it does [not] matter anymore." Tenma was stunned by his reaction and was not completely convinced that it was "okay". Haruto then began discussing the upcoming joint summer school between Eitoku and Momonozono.[36] The same day, Tenma was at his physical therapy and Konoe was there supporting him. Konoe suddenly brought Oto, wondering if he came between Tenma and her during their stay in Kyoto. Tenma insisted that he was glad about Konoe's presence since he still loved Oto, but did not "want to do anything that would hurt her."[37]

At the airport, Tenma was helping with the last minutes details of the summer school. He was able to speak with Oto, though they were soon interrupted by students asking him for help.[38]

Physical appearance

His overall appearance was considered good-looking, attracting the attention of numerous females. Oto even described his face as "beautiful" at one point. Tenma had light brown hair, which was a normal length. One of his trademark features was a small mole located below his left eye. He was typically seen in his Momonozono uniform, though he wore casual clothing at home and on dates.

Personality and traits

He seemed perfect to the outside world, though he actually considered himself "crooked". Oto, in particular, was given to expressing Tenma as "infallible" and "faultless". Tenma disliked her opinion of him as he wanted to be viewed as a normal person with faults. He was an extremely polite and courteous person, able to easily gain the admiration of others. Tenma was a natural leader as well as being loyal to his friends.

Described as being "a cut above the rest", he excelled at his studies as well as athletics. He was gifted in martial arts, including kendo and judo. Tenma was the Junior Champion of All-Around Martial Arts.

Behind the scenes

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