"It hurts a little, but it's okay. I'm sturdy as a weed after all!"
—Tsukushi Makino[src]

Tsukushi Makino (牧野 つくし (まきの つくし) Makino Tsukushi) was a student at Eitoku Academy. She was the daughter of Chieko and Haruo, and the older sister of Susumu. During high school, Tsukushi became acquainted with the heir of Domyoji Group, Tsukasa Domyoji, whom she hated at first. They later became friends and eventually entered into a romantic relationship.


Early life

"She was always happy and popular, and nice to everybody! She always had friends around her. At snack time, when I couldn't finish my milk and I thought the teacher was going to yell at me, she'd drink it up for me, even if it meant a tummy-ache later."
Kazuya describes Tsukushi during elementary school[src]

Tsukushi was born on December 28[3] to middle class parents, Haruo and Chieko. Her parents named her after a weed, because "it always grows back stronger than ever". She was made an elder sister when her brother Susumu was born.[10] During her childhood, Tsukushi did not have many toys and her mother often had her play outside to save money.[11]

In elementary school, Tsukushi met Kazuya Aoike. At the time, they were close friends, but they lost contact after moving on to middle school.[12] Tsukushi was very popular among her peers in elementary school.[13] She became a class officer in middle school, where she met her best friend, Yuki Matsuoka.[14][6] Tsukushi's popularity continued throughout middle school. Her friend, Shingo Oribe confessed romantic feelings toward her during this time, though she did not reply at the time.[15]

High school

Tsukushi's mother forced her to attend Eitoku Academy, despite Tsukushi wanting to go to the public high school with her friends.[16] After entering Eitoku, she became withdrawn in an attempt to remain "quiet and unnoticed." She grew to hate the school and her fellow classmates, who did nothing to help the F4's victims. Tsukushi also befriended another middle-class student Makiko Endo, who was in the same class as her. After school, Tsukushi worked part-time at Sengoku Sweets with Yuki.[14]

Meeting the F4


Tsukushi stands up to the F4

"I'm not letting you get away with this anymore! This is my declaration of war!"
—Tsukushi refuses to back down to the F4[src]

Tsukushi gradually became disgusted with her own cowardice, but felt she had no power to fight the F4. One day, Makiko slipped down a flight of stairs while they were walking to class. She landed on Tsukasa Domyoji, leader of the F4, who refused to forgive Makiko's mistake. Tsukushi took up for her friend, insulting Tsukasa in the process. Tsukasa's anger was then transferred to Tsukushi. The next day, she received the F4's red card, a "declaration of war", in her locker. Instead of quietly leaving school, Tsukushi decided to fight back against the F4 and declared her own war on them.[14]

The following day, Makiko began avoiding Tsukushi and their classmates started to bully her. Tsukushi then ran to an emergency stairwell, where she spoke to Rui Hanazawa for the first time. He acted cold towards her, saying "I'm not interested in other people's problems." Later, four students tried to assault Tsukushi on Tsukasa's orders. Rui happened by and ordered them to stop. Tsukushi thanked him, to which he replied "Don't misunderstand."[10] After the incident, Tsukushi returned to school with a vengeance. She was able to block all of the students attempts to bully her. Tsukushi then kicked Tsukasa in the face, telling him "you call yourself a man?! You aren't even worth contempt!" She promptly fled the scene. Later, Tsukushi thanked Rui again for his help, though he responded with harsh words again. She, however, did not feel angry at him.[17]

On her way to school, Tsukasa kidnapped Tsukushi and brought her to his home, where he had his servants give her a full spa treatment and makeover. She was in too much shock to resist. Afterwards, Tsukasa made her an offer to "let [her] hang around him." Tsukushi felt insulted and rejected him, saying "I [am] not for sale."[18] Back at school, she found a rumor about her written on her classroom's blackboard. Tsukushi confronted Tsukasa first, thinking he was the culprit. Upon returning to her classroom, Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano, and Erika Ayuhara were wiping away the words. They acted friendly towards her and invited her to a party. There they humiliated Tsukushi, being jealous of her interactions with the F4, particularly Rui.[19] Tsukushi, however, was able to get back at them. Yuriko declared "This isn't over, you know."[20]

Shizuka's return


Tsukushi sees Rui kissing Shizuka

" love with him? I don't even want to think about it. Except...I feel like I'm drowning in those eyes and I can't move!"
—Tsukushi denies her crush on Rui at first[src]

Tsukushi visited Rui at the emergency stairwell the following day. Unbeknownst to them, Yuriko and her friends were watching and later confronted Tsukushi. They then told her about Shizuka Todo, whom Rui was in love with.[20] Tsukasa arrived and, seeing Tsukushi in distress, forced them to leave her alone. Tsukushi refused his help and pushed him away. Shortly after, she joined F4's Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro Nishikado for lunch. They told her a story about Rui and Shizuka from their childhood, which sent Tsukushi into a daze. That night, Tsukushi saw Rui kissing a poster of Shizuka. He mockingly asked her if she was in love with him, before kissing her on the cheek. Shizuka arrived from France the next day.[21]

At school, Tsukushi was greeted by Kazuya, whom had just transferred to Eitoku since his family became "nouveau riche." Tsukushi was overjoyed to see her old friend, though she was afraid the F4 would target him next. Tsukasa became jealous after seeing them together and promptly sent a red card to him.[12] Tsukushi confronted Tsukasa about his reasons for going after Kazuya. They began arguing back and forth, until he slapped her and she punched him. Hearing Kazuya's cries for help, she left to save him from the bullies. The two were eventually chased into the university's cafeteria, where the F4 and Shizuka were eating lunch. Rui picked Tsukushi up and yelled at the others to stop this bullying.[22]

Atami trip


Tsukushi realizes she has just kissed Tsukasa

Tsukushi: "Please don't hate me... You and I we're "emergency exit friends" At least, that's what I call us."
Rui: "If I hated you, I wouldn't have gone through the pain of carrying you."
— Tsukushi and Rui on the last night of the Atami trip[src]

Rui's actions angered Tsukasa, who refused to be his friend. Shizuka then brought Tsukushi to the girls' room to clean up. She was quickly enamored by how nice Shizuka was. The stress of the day caused Tsukushi to faint from a fever. She stayed home the next day. Tsukasa visited her, much to annoyance. Her parents insisted that she walked him to his car. He offered to pay for her ticket to Hawaii. She refused, deciding to go to Atami with Kazuya.[23] Several days later, Tsukushi arrived in Atami with Kazuya and her parents. They were greeted at the beach by Tsukasa on his yacht. Shizuka invited her to that night's party. Tsukushi hesitated to accept, but was prompted by her parents and seeing Rui. Shizuka helped Tsukushi with her outfit and make-up.[24]

Tsukushi enjoyed the party until she kissed Tsukasa by accident. She was distraught and Tsukasa only made it worse with her clumsy comments. The next morning, she tried to defend the incident to Rui. He was uninterested, saying "It's none of my business who you kiss." Tsukushi was disappointed, thinking "[he] would come to [her] rescue again." That night, she went to return Shizuka's dress. She saw Rui confess his feelings to Shizuka, before dragging her into a room.[25] In shock, Tsukushi began remembering all of her memories of Rui. She then realized she had feelings for him. Shortly later, Tsukasa and Kazuya returned from a fishing trip. They started a cook-out and she helped them with it. She shared some fish with Rui, before saying "Please don't hate me." Rui assured her that he did not.[13]

Start of fall term


Tsukushi encourages Rui to go after Shizuka

"I thought I wouldn't see you here anymore. I thought you hated me now. So I'm very happy. Coming here was my one moment of solace."
—Tsukushi is happy to Rui again[src]

That fall, Tsukushi returned to Eitoku though she was not particularly looking forward to it. At school, her classmates continued saying rude things about her and she found that her slippers stolen again. Tsukasa had stolen them, which irritated Tsukushi who then called him a "moron." She then went to emergency exit, where she had a nice chat with Rui. Tsukushi even called it "[her] one moment of solace."[26] While they were talking, Shizuka came up to ask a favor of Rui. She also invited Tsukushi to birthday party. Back inside, Tsukushi saw Tsukasa going on a rampage. She wondered what had happened to make him "get so violent." Afterwards, she was walking home with Kazuya when she realized she forgot her notes. She went back to the emergency exit, where she also found Tsukasa.[27]

Frightened and furious, she asked Tsukasa why he was acting like this. In response, Tsukasa punched the window next to her and said "You know, don't you?" Tsukushi threw her books at him and ran away but tripped. Tsukasa pinned her to the ground and started kissing her. Crying, she asked him to stop which he did. Several days later, she recounted the incident to Yuki before asking her to accompany her to Shizuka's party.[28] There Tsukushi saw Tsukasa for the first time in days. She gradually became annoyed with him, feeling that he was not showing remorse. Later that night, Shizuka made an announcement about her decision to return to France and give up family's financial support.[29] Tsukushi then looked at Rui who asked her to tell the others he was leaving. Feeling drunk and dizzy, she ran into Tsukasa. She laid her head on his chest, before throwing up on him.[30]

The next morning, she went to the emergency exit where she asked Rui if he was okay with Shizuka's decision. He seemed to have made peace with it, though Tsukushi was still troubled. Tsukasa later hinted that she was "happy that Shizuka was going away." Then overhearing some girls, Tsukushi realized that she had also been "scheming" to win Rui. She promptly rushed off and ran into Shizuka. Tsukushi proceeded to beg her to stay "for Rui Hanazawa's sake."[31] Shizuka refused and explained her reasons for leaving. Tsukushi apologized and Shizuka kissed her on the cheek. A few minutes later, Rui yelled at Tsukushi for interfering. At the airport, she and the F4, except Rui, saw off Shizuka. Once Rui arrived, Tsukushi yelled at him to "Go after her." He then revealed that he had decided to do that. Rui thanked her with a kiss on the forehead.[32]

Getting close to Tsukasa


Tsukasa almost kisses Tsukushi in the elevator

Tsukushi: "Everybody's been congratulating me all morning, but I have no idea what for."
Sakurako: "Well, you and Tsukasa going steady, of course!"
— Tsukushi is perplexed by her classmates' sudden niceness[src]

The following day, Tsukasa came up to Tsukushi in her classroom and gave her a time and place. Kazuya said "It sounds like he was asking you for a date," which she quickly dismissed. That Sunday, Tsukushi went shopping with her mother. She eventually decided to go check to see if Tsukasa was waiting. Feeling guilty, she offered to treat him to tea. They got stuck in an elevator, while looking for a cheap place.[33] When Tsukasa came towards her, she began hitting and kicking until she realized he was not fighting back. Discovering he had a fever, she began precautions to bring it down. She promised to "make it up to [him]" and Tsukasa leaned in to kiss her, just as a construction crew opened the elevator. After helping Tsukasa to a taxi, she wondered whether he had fallen for her which she dismissed.[2]

At school that afternoon, Tsukushi's classmates began acting nice to her. They believed she was dating Tsukasa, after a photo was snapped of them together. Tsukushi enjoyed having friends again, despite knowing they were not "true friends." That night, they took her to a club, where she met a handsome foreigner who reminded her of Rui.[34] Tsukushi woke up in a hotel room the next morning. The last thing she remembered was being offered a drink by the guy. She resolved to keep it a secret, knowing she would be bullied again if the school found out. Later, Sakurako Sanjo, whom she had met at Shizuka's party, asked to friends and invited her to her house. There she ran into the same foreigner, who Sakurako introduced as her childhood friend, Thomas.[35]

Sakurako incident


Tsukushi catches Sakurako glaring at her

"Say one more word and I will beat that pretty face of yours into a pulp. No one like you has the right to talk about her. Shizuka is like an angel with a beautiful heart to match her beautiful face. I actually thought you were light that, too! You called me an "ugly bitch"?! Look at yourself in a mirror! Then you'll see what ugly is!"
—Tsukushi to Sakurako[src]

Thomas hinted that they had slept together and Tsukushi begged him to "forget about it." He agreed once she promised to see him again. Later, Sakurako confided in Tsukushi about her fear of boys. To help her, she decided to introduce her to the F4. Sakurako later handed Tsukushi a note from Thomas, asking her to meet him by the school's gate. Tsukushi reluctantly went.[36] A few minutes later, Tsukasa found them talking and became angry. Tsukushi managed to distract him long enough for Thomas to get away. Thomas told her to meet him later, before leaving. Tsukasa yelled at her for letting him escape. Tsukushi then reminded him that they were not really dating. Afterwards, she asked Kazuya to accompany her to meet Thomas. Seeing Thomas' bad table manners, made Tsukushi wonder why Sakurako would have "anything to do with him."[37]

The following night, Tsukushi went to a club with Yuki and her sister. There she was left speechless, when she saw Sakurako dancing on the platform. Tsukushi decided "There's got to be reason." She then stood up for Sakurako when Tsukasa yelled at her. However, Sakurako got upset with her for insulting Tsukasa. She later admitted to Tsukushi that she loved Tsukasa.[38] The next day, her classmates suddenly began bullying her again. Feeling something was off, she raced to the bulletin board where she saw a photo of her and Thomas. In the process of confronting him, Tsukushi realized that someone else had to take the photo and that he put something in her drink. She then questioned "We didn't do anything, did we?" He admitted that Sakurako forced him to do it. Sakurako then entered the room.[39]

Sakurako insulted her and called her an "ugly bitch," but Tsukushi refused to listen to her comments on Shizuka. She then said "Look at yourself in a mirror!" While going home, Tsukushi resolved herself not to run. In the morning, she went to school where she immediately attacked with a rock. She passed out when one hit with a bat. Tsukushi woke up tied to a car, which they proceeded to drag her with.[40] Tsukasa showed up and yelled at them to stop. Sakurako then showed him the photo and made up several lies. Tsukushi pleaded with him to not to listen to Sakurako, saying "I just want you to believe me." He, however, walked away. Tsukushi yelled after him, calling him an "idiot." Not one to back down, Tsukushi challenged her attackers and continued trying to fight them for several hours. Finally, Tsukasa came back, apologized, and said "I believe you."[41]

Rui's return


Tsukasa confesses his feelings to Tsukushi

"I can't leave you alone! Even when I try, I can't get you out of my mind. I can't, I just can't. Why can't you be happy? Thoughts of you fill my mind..."
—Tsukushi to Rui[src]

Tsukasa brought Tsukushi to his home, where she took a bath before he treated her wounds. He apologized to her again. When he brought up Thomas, she said "What's with you? You're acting almost jealous." He surprised her by saying he was and then confessed, "I love you." Tsukasa kissed Tsukushi and she realizes that part of her was "hoping for this." The next morning, she rushed to school when a maid informed her he was "shouting about revenge." She stopped him from torturing the students too much.[42] Rui then showed up, surprising everyone. Tsukasa told him that he and Tsukushi were dating. That night, Thomas visited her to tell her about Sakurako's past. Unable to fully forgive her, Tsukushi still took up for her when the other students made fun of her for having plastic surgery.[43]

Later, Tsukasa gave her a pager, ordering her to come whenever he paged. After school, Tsukushi came home to find the apartment full of furniture sent by Tsukasa. He then paged her and asked her to come to a club. She went only to yell at him to take back the furniture. Tsukushi became distracted when she saw Rui kissing a girl. The next day, he flirted with her at the emergency exit.[44] Tsukushi was taken aback by him, though he laughed it off. Tsukasa later took her shopping, before taking her in a plane to his family's island with the rest of the F4. He revealed they were sharing a room there together.[45] Tsukushi ended up going to bed early, partly upset that Rui was staying in a room with some random girl. Tsukasa followed shortly and told her that he was sleeping on sofa. Once he fell asleep, Tsukushi went for a walk.[46]

Finding Rui on the beach, he asked her to hold him before telling her about his time with Shizuka. Tsukushi returned to the villa, where she told Tsukasa "I went for a walk alone." She felt guilty for lying to him.[47] The next morning, Kazuya suddenly arrived on his boat with Sakurako and Thomas. Kazuya brought news of Shizuka's engagement. Tsukushi realized that was the reason for Rui's strange behavior. That night, she met him again at the beach, telling him "I can't get you out of my mind." He then kissed her.[48] Looking up, they saw Tsukasa watching. He punched Rui. Tsukushi began crying when Tsukasa told that she "sliced [his heart] into ribbons." He refused her apology, saying "Don't ever talk to be again." Tsukushi then broke down. The next morning, Tsukushi and the others had to return home on Kazuya's boat since Tsukasa had left on his jet.[49]

Dating Rui


Tsukasa ignores Tsukushi

"We walked together in Aoyama that snowy winter morning. He waited four hours for me in the snow. He had snow on his head. From that day on, I began to notice his feelings for me. But I pretended not to see. Now I know just how much he felt for me. And just how much I hurt him."
—Tsukushi thinks of Tsukasa during her date with Rui[src]

When she returned home, Tsukushi resolved to apologize to Tsukasa "with all [her] heart and soul." The next day, she saw Tsukasa kicking Rui out of the F4. He then ignored her as he passed by. Later, she had lunch with Rui. She began crying thinking about Tsukasa. Rui then asked her on a date.[50] On her date, Tsukushi found herself thinking about Tsukasa constantly though she had told herself to "forget everything" earlier. She went to bathroom to gather her thoughts and was mortified when Rui accidentally walked in seconds later. Tsukushi continued crying about it on the way out. Rui, however, laughed and invited her to his house.[8] In Rui's bedroom, Tsukushi was nervous about being alone with him. He only showed her a photo album and then fell asleep. She waited for about two hours, before leaving. On her way home, she saw Sakurako and Tsukasa laughing together.[51]

Dazed, Tsukushi stood still for several moments until a woman happened by. She then insisted on taking Tsukushi to her house, before introducing herself as Tsubaki Domyoji. Just as she realized she was Tsukasa's sister, Tsukushi was trapped in the house but managed to hide. Tsukasa found her later and became angry.[52] He grasped her arm, just before Tsubaki knocked him out. Tsukushi made an attempt to tell her that she knew Tsukasa, but could not get a word in. She finally confessed it when she became drunk over dinner. Later, Tsubaki told her about Tsukasa's childhood and asked her to "try and understand him." Tsukushi, however, felt "I have no right to be with him anymore."[53] The next day, Tsukasa announced that Kazuya was replacing Rui in the F4. He then told Rui and Tsukushi that he was going to have them expelled.[54]

F4 Showdown


Tsukushi during the basketball game

"Maybe one day, I'll regret this night more than anything. But this is all I can do now. I've decided to believe in Rui Hanazawa's clear, marble-like eyes."
—Tsukushi rejects Tsukasa in favor of following Rui[src]

Tsukushi questioned the expulsion at first, but resigned herself to it after seeing Rui's complacent attitude about it. She, however, could not bring herself to tell her parents about it.[55] The next day, Tsukasa's sister came to Eitoku and dragged Tsukushi to the principal's office. Tsukushi promised to leave school if that will "satisfy" Tsukasa. Rui then offered to be expelled instead. Tsubaki proposed they settle the matter with sports. A three-on-three basketball match was decided upon. Tsukushi, Rui, and Kazuya practiced late into the night. On her way home, she ran into Tsukasa who promised to cancel the match if she said she loved him.[56] Tsukushi resisted his advances, having chosen to follow Rui. She wondered whether she would come to regret her decision to reject Tsukasa.[57]

The next day, the match was held at Eitoku. Tsukushi was intimidated by the crowd, but vowed to herself that she would not leave "without a fight." Tsukushi's team did not fare well for most of the match. Rui managed to score six points within three minutes. He then had Tsukushi attempt a two-pointer in order to win.[58] She missed it, though Kazuya was able to score one point. Tsukasa then suddenly quit the game, telling Tsukushi "Do whatever you want" on the way out.[16] Afterwards, they went to celebrate at the Domyojis' mansion. Akira and Sojiro asked her and Rui whether they had had sex. Learning they had not, the two proceeded to lock the two in a room.[59] There a drunk Rui admitted that he had used her to forget Shizuka. He tried to apologize for getting between her and Tsukasa. She insisted she had "no regrets."[60]

Hard times


Tsukushi upset at Tsukasa when she learns he is leaving Japan

"What do I do? Everything's fallen onto my shoulders. They're all depending on me. If I tell them that Rui Hanazawa doesn't want me, and Tsukasa never wants to speak to me again, it'll kill them. I've got to work. I've got to work like mad!"
—Tsukushi feels pressure from her family[src]

The next morning, Tsukushi learned that her father had lost his job and they had to move into a smaller, shabbier apartment. They put pressure on Tsukushi to marry rich. She instead set out to find a better paying part-time job. Tsukushi was enticed by a man's offer to take photos of her uniform for 100,000 yen. She became uncomfortable and tried to leave, but was restrained by the men.[61] A delivery guy arrived at that moment. Seeing Tsukushi's predicament, he beat up the men and helped her escape. He scolded her for following those guys, leading to her yell out frustrations at him.[62] He promised to help her find at job, taking her to a fast food restaurant where she could earn a decent wage. His helpfulness later led her to nickname him "Kinsan." That night, Tsukushi resolved to keep herself busy in order to forget Rui.[63]

Kazuya informed Tsukushi the next day about Tsukasa leaving for New York. She promptly rushed off to go talk to him. Tsukushi was shocked to hear that he was leaving the following day and asked why he had not told her. His reply hurt her feelings, leading to slapping him and bursting into tears. She then claimed it would be a "relief" to see him go and ran off. At work, Tsukasa came to say goodbye to her. He got into an argument with Kinsan. Tsukushi took Kinsan's side and Tsukasa left in a huff.[64] Later, she was sad that they did not say goodbye but considered it a "fitting end." The next day, Sakurako asked her why she did not go to see him off. She declared that Tsukushi was "the only one who [could] make him stay." Tsukushi, however, did not seem convinced. She later watched a plane go by and wondered if Tsukasa was on it.[65]


The next day, Kinsan asked her if she wanted to go somewhere on her day-off. Her mother mistakenly thought she was going on a date and forced Tsukushi to dress up. She then met up with Kinsan near her workplace.[66] They first visited a shrine in Asakusa, followed by a soba restaurant. There Tsukushi started to think Kinsan came from a poor family like hers. Kinsan later walked her part-way home. Near her house, she ran into Tsukasa just as Kinsan came walking up. Tsukasa revealed that Kinsan was actually Seinosuke Amakusa, a parliament member's son.[67] Tsukushi told him he was mistaken at first, but believed him once she saw the magazine. She became upset, questioning "Did you feel sorry for me?" Her mother then showed up and insisted Tsukasa come to their house. There her parents had her sleep alone with Tsukasa in a separate room from them.[68]

In the morning, Tsukasa asked Tsukushi to choose an outfit for him at a store. Annoyed by the prices, she rejected every outfit before approving the first one. Later at school, Tsukushi met Seinosuke, who cleared up the misunderstanding about his family. Seinosuke then called her the "perfect girl" and invited her to a party.[69] After he left, Tsukasa walked up behind Tsukushi. He sensed that she was hiding something, which she denied. Later, Tsukushi asked Rui to attend Seinosuke's party with her that night. There she was shocked to see Tsukasa.[70] On stage, Seinosuke made an announcement about not wanting to follow in his father's footsteps. He then approached Tsukushi and asked her to be his girlfriend. Tsukasa punched him before she could answer. Rui helped Tsukushi escape the ensuing fight, which made national news the following day.[71]

On her way to work, she was stopped by a group of Eirin Academy students. She stood up to the girls, before Seinosuke forced them to leave her alone. He then apologized to her for the news coverage and asked her to think about becoming his girlfriend. At work, Tsukasa asked her some questions for a recommendation letter. He refused to tell her what it was for, promising "You'll find out tomorrow."[6] At home, Tsukushi learned that her father had borrowed one million yen from a loanshark and then lost it at the racetrack. To save her family from falling apart, Tsukushi decided to ask Tsukasa for a loan. She readily agreed to his terms, which were that she enter the Teen of Japan contest.[72] The next day, Tsubaki asked Tsukushi to come over to her house. She talked in length about the contest. Tsukushi was daunted by the unpredictable nature of it, though she decided to carry on.[73]

Teen of Japan


Physical appearance

Tsukushi had copper colored hair and her eyes were a similar shade. During her first year of high school, she often styled her hair in braids. Tsukushi mostly wore it down after she challenged the F4. Her hair was shoulder-length until part of it was cut by Junpei. Tsukushi's hair was then styled as a short bob-cut for the rest of high school. When not wearing her school uniform, she wore modest but cute clothing.

Personality and traits

Due to her upbringing, Tsukushi developed into a strong-willed, tough person. She often referenced her name in this regard, saying things like "You can pull a weed and mow it down, but it always grows back stronger than ever." Tsukushi felt out of place at Eitoku, not being able to relate to her rich classmates. She gradually became withdrawn due to the environment, ignoring her strong sense of justice. After interacting with Tsukasa for the first time, Tsukushi changed from a "scared little girl" back to her strong self.

Tsukushi was generally a well-liked and popular person, particularly in elementary and middle school. In high school, she was disliked by her rich classmates who were jealous of her friendship with the F4. Tsukushi was also inexperienced with love.


Tsukushi's given name means "weed," a plant usually considered undesirable. More specifically, it is likely a reference to the field horsetail.[74] Her parents named her Tsukushi since weeds are supposed to "grow back stronger" even after being pulled. It is written in Hiragana as つくし. Her surname, Makino (牧野 () ), is a not uncommon Japanese name. It utilizes the kun'yomi pronunciation of both kanji; written as まきの in Hiragana.[75] Together the kanji can mean either pasture or ranch.[76]

Behind the scenes

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Yuki Uchida as Tsukushi

  • In Hana Yori Dango (1995), she is portrayed by Yuki Uchida.[78] Uchida was an extremely popular Japanese idol at the time. The film plays it relatively close to the original, except changing Tsukushi to a university student. She angers Tsukasa by insulting him, which results in her being bullied. Tsukushi first falls for Rui and slowly becomes friends with Tsukasa. She later agrees to date Tsukasa and betrays him by kissing Rui. In the end, Tsukushi realizes she is love with Tsukasa.
  • Maki Mochida voices Tsukushi in the Boys Over Flowers anime (1996).
  • Mochida also voices Tsukushi in the short film, Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997). In the film, Tsukushi is an aspiring dancer on Broadway, instead a high school student. Tsukushi works an errand girl at Freedom Dance Studios by day, while training hard at dancing by night.

Barbie Hsu as Shan Cai

  • In the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden (2001), Barbie Hsu plays Tsukushi, renamed Dong Shan Cai. Hsu's Shan Cai is a university student and only child, but retains most of Tsukushi's personality. Like Tsukushi, Shan Cai is stubborn, willful, courageous, and indecisive about her feelings for Dao Ming Si (Tsukasa). Hsu reprises her role in Meteor Garden II (2002).
  • In "The Bored Prince" from Hana Yori Dango FF, Tsukushi appears as a frog in Rui's dream. Rui, a sleepy prince, finds and names her Piyon (ピヨン () ). The frog informs him that she used to be human, however Rui wakes up before he can help her.

Mao Inoue as Tsukushi



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