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Yoon Ji-hoo (윤지후) was a member of F4, graduate of Shinhwa High School, student at Shinhwa University College of Medicine, and Gu Jun-pyo's best friend.[1] Though he initally rejected Geum Jan-di, because of his unrequited feelings for Min Seo-hyun, he eventually fell in love with her and became her protector.


Ji-hoo is the grandson of former South Korean president Yoon Suk-young, and the heir of the Suam Cultural Foundation.[2] When he was five years old, he survived a car accident that killed both his parents - the catalyst that gave birth to his phobia of driving.[3] He used to be close to his grandfather, but after his parents' death, they drifted apart with each thinking that he was to blame for the tragedy.[4] It was not until Jan-di intervened that they began to mend their relationship.[5]

Physical appearance


Ji-hoo's new hairstyle

Ji-hoo can be characterized as F4's most handsome member thanks to his tall, lightly muscular physique, and kind face. He has large, dark brown irises and coppery-brown hair touching the collar of his shirt; halfway through the drama, this was changed to a shorter style.

In terms of clothes, Ji-hoo has a more smart casual wardrobe with blazers, polos, and cardigans mixed with jeans, shirts, and sneakers. He occassionally wears glasses, earrings, and, like the rest of F4, suits and ties. It is interesting to note that Ji-hoo's clothes are often in light colors to contrast Jun-pyo's usually dark fashion choices. 

Personality and traits

Unlike the other F4 members, Ji-hoo is an enigmatic presence with a quiet and introverted nature. He has a seemingly cold and stoic front, but is loyal, helpful, and protective of his friends regardless. This warmth slowly extended to Jan-di as he began to fall for her, and did not cease despite Jan-di choosing Jun-pyo over him. 

Song Woo-bin described him as 'four-dimensional' because of his sometimes unusual and unpredictable way of thinking, but Ji-hoo is highly intelligent. This can be seen in how he managed to sail through medical school with a high possibility of graduating with honors. He is also skilled in martial arts and horseback riding, fluent in Korean, English, and Cantonese, and able to sing, play the guitar, piano, violin, and harmonica. Additionally, his other interests include fishing, rifle shooting, basketball, hockey, soccer, and sleeping.

Behind the scenes

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