"You'd better live true to yourself, so you won't have any regrets."
—Yuki to Tsukushi[src]

Yuki Matsuoka (松岡 優紀 (まつおか ゆうき) Matsuoka Yūki) was the best friend of Tsukushi Makino, whom she had known since middle school. She was a part-time employee at Sengoku Sweets during high school. Yuki dated her classmate Nakatsuka for a short-time. She later developed a crush on F4 member, Sojiro Nishikado.


Early life

She was born into an average, middle-class family. Yuki was the second of two daughters, her elder sister being between two to five years older.[2]

Yuki attended N Middle School, where she met her best friend Tsukushi Makino. In their third year, Tsukushi forced a boy to apologize to Yuki when he made her cry.[3] Yuki was sad when she learned that she and Tsukushi would not be attending the same high school.[4]

High school

After middle school, Yuki enrolled in Metropolitan High School, a public school. At some point, she began working part-time at Sengoku Sweets with Tsukushi.[3]

Supportive friend


Yuki points out some famous people at Shizuka's party

Tsukushi: "Well, I'm not getting involved with anything at this school. I've got nothing in common with these people anyway."
Yuki: "Is this you talking? Tsukushi, you were always ready to jump in and help when there was trouble. Like that time in ninth grade, when I was teased by a boy and cried. You fought for me. You even made him apologize. It's like the kids at Eitoku have never seen your good side."
— Yuki tells Tsukushi how she has changed since entering Eitoku[src]

When Tsukushi began attending the posh Eitoku Academy, Yuki was always ready to listen to her problems. She was especially interested in hearing about the F4. Yuki noticed that Tsukushi had changed from a person that was "always ready to jump in and help" to someone who did not want to get involved. She was disappointed that Tsukushi's classmates "[had] never seen [her] good side."[3] Several days later at work, Tsukushi talked to Yuki about her classmates inviting her to a party. Yuki was impressed that high school students were going to a party in Roppongi. F4 members Sojiro Nishikado and Rui Hanazawa then walked into the store. Yuki was very excited about meeting them.[5]

Several days later, Tsukushi visited Yuki to tell her about an incident regarding Tsukasa Domyoji. She then asked Yuki to attend Shizuka Todo's birthday party with her. They were at a lost about what to wear until Yuki's sister, who frequented night clubs, offered her help. Her style was not exactly to their taste, though they went along with it. Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike then picked them up and escorted them to the party.[2] There Sojiro flirted with Yuki, but Tsukushi warned her to stay away from him or "[she will] end up pregnant." Seeing a number of celebrities, the girls felt that "stick[ed] out like sore thumbs."[6] After Shizuka made her announcement, she and Kazuya ran up to Tsukushi discussing the event excitedly. Yuki called Shizuka cutting her hair a "waste", but still thought she was "wonderful."[7]

Tsukushi made a surprise visit to Yuki's house several days later. Yuki noticed she was "gloomy" and asked her what happened, just as her sister entered the room. She then invited Tsukushi to go clubbing to cheer her up. Yuki excitedly agreed to the idea.[8] At Joliana, Yuki's sister challenged another girl for the best spot on the platform. When the girl knocked her off, Yuki rushed to her side.[9] Several weeks later, Tsukushi was talking to Yuki about Tsukasa and Seinosuke Amakusa. Yuki said "Tsukasa really loves you, doesn't he?" but Tsukushi denied it. She then asked Tsukushi about her feelings towards Seinosuke. Tsukushi replied "I think it was better when I thought we were both poor," but then blushed. Yuki told her "You'd better live true to yourself, so you won't have any regrets." Tsukushi then asked her to attend Seinosuke's party with her, but Yuki declined.[10]

Physical appearance

She was generally considered cute though not particularly beautiful, much like her friend Tsukushi. Yuki had short, curly hair which she usually wore down. She had soft, brown eyes.

Personality and traits

Yuki was a normal, young girl. She was noted as being kind and sweet as well as a loyal, thoughtful friend. Unlike Tsukushi, Yuki was not particularly strong in mind or body. She was often protected by Tsukushi from bullies when she was younger. Yuki gradually gained strength through her trials in love and became a confident person.

Behind the scenes

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Ai Sasamine as Yuki

  • She is played by Ai Sasamine in the film Hana Yori Dango (1995).[11] Yuki and Tsukushi attended the same high school. She is a bit disappointed in her "third-rate" college, but content with her life. Despite attending different universities, the two still regularly see each other at their part-time job. Tsukushi often confides her troubles to Yuki. As such, she is very perceptive of Tsukushi's feelings. Yuki correctly guesses that Tsukushi loves Tsukasa and encourages her to go after him.
  • Rainie Yang portrays a version of Yuki, renamed Xiao You, in Meteor Garden (2001). Like her manga counterpart, Xiao You is Shan Cai's (Tsukushi) confidante, dates Zhong Ze (Nakatsuka), and develops feelings for Xi Men (Sojiro). Towards the end of Meteor Garden, Xiao You moves to Canada, but returns in an episode of Meteor Rain (2001).
  • She is portrayed by Aki Nishihara in Hana Yori Dango (2005),[12] Hana Yori Dango Returns (2007), and Hana Yori Dango Final (2008). In the drama, Yuki is much more outspoken and even dislikes Sojiro at first. Later, Sojiro helps Yuki get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Yuki then develops a crush on Sojiro, while he constantly avoids her.
  • Kotono Asanoha plays her in the 2019 Takarazuka musical, Hana Yori Dango.[13]



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